Stock Market Report: Titans – Daily Norseman

The Vikings beat the Titans 19-3 in their 4th Preseason game, improving their Preseason record to an undefeated 4-0. Are things looking up for our Minnesota Vikings?So, hi.  CCNorseman here.  I’m filling in for Ted, while he’s yucking it up on vacation.  Rumor has it that he’s wearing jort jorts and flippy floppies ON A BOAT!  So, you’ll just have […]

Stock Market Report: Chiefs – Daily Norseman

When you witness a 35-12 win, one tends to feel rather bullish about the Minnesota VikingsThere was a lot to like from Saturday nights drubbing of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Sure, there were some moments that made me feel that this team has a ways to go, but it’s nice to see the Vikings go on the road and win […]

Stock Market Report: Raiders – Daily Norseman

The Vikings topped the Raiders in a pre-season game that was sloppy, which we expe–SHUTUP AND TELL ME HOW TEDDY LOOKEDThere’s a lot of good and bad to take away from pre-season games, especially the first one.  For one, we’re so happy football is back, we tend over over analyze things. There’s an air of optimism about the Vikings among […]

Stock Market Report: Vikings Training Camp – Daily Norseman

We wrap up the first four days with impressions, opinions, hints, and allegations. Okay, no allegations. But lots of the other stuff.The great thing about the beginning of training camp, besides the fact we have actual football to talk about, is that, well…we have actual football to talk about. Yeah, that’s really all that matters.  Lots of football, lots of […]