The Stock Market's Uptrend Is Set To Continue (VTI,WFC)

The most common debate amongst traders is when the prolonged uptrend across the financial markets will come to an end. After such a long run, it is reasonable to believe that the trend is nearing overbought levels and could be preparing to make a sudden reversal, but based on the weekly chart of the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI), […]

Deep Dive: These are the most profitable Nasdaq biotech companies

The Nasdaq Composite Index has nearly doubled since the end of 2011, led by its riskiest sector: biotechnology.But biotech companies vary more than most in other industries. Some have no hopes of ever making money. And others are backed by products that are established in the marketplace and are quite profitable.The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index NBI, +0.40%  has risen 227% since […]

The Worst-Performing Biotech Stocks Of 2014

It was generally a good year for biotechnology stocks, but the sector remains a risky one. Below are 20 biotechnology companies that lost more than 70% of their value in 2014. (Click here for a list of the best performers.)There aren’t many lessons here. Tolstoy said that happy families are all alike, and but every unhappy family is unhappy in […]

Stock market updates – Stabroek News – Georgetown, Guyana

For Full Access Login OR Subscribe Now – for as low as 25 cents a dayGASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 576’s trading results showed consideration of $2,672,849 from 39,432 shares traded in 21 transactions as compared to session 575’s trading results which showed consideration of $374,841 from 5,693 shares traded in 8 transactions. The stocks active this week […]

How to Trade Stocks on Mobile Site |

In your opinion, which among these cellphone network companies provide the best service?T Mobile
at&t Cingular
alltel wireless
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Cellular One

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How to Trade Stocks on Mobile Site |

See which stocks are being affected by Social […]

Ezra – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD | Andy Yew

Looking at the chart, our system shows an exits when price break $1.36 support, our system shows a trend change in the price action. This is something that the system do, and usually a normal person cannot do. Which is to Exit before a crash. However a user of the trading system, at the point that system shows an exit, […]

Will the Stock Market Ever Return to “The Good Old Days?” – Mint

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MintLife investing expert Matthew Amster-Burton is answering questions from Facebook fans.
If you’d like to ask Matthew a question about investing, retirement planning, or saving for college, drop us an email.
MintLife reader Ryan asks:
Why bother anymore? The stock market, even mutual funds, struggle for a constant 3-4%, nothing like the 6-10% like it used to be.
and reader Wesley asks:
I have a little […]

S&P 500 vs. Total Stock Market: Which Is Right for You? – Morningstar

Question: I’m trying to decide which would make a better core equity holding: an S&P 500 index fund or a total stock market index fund. What should I take into consideration? Answer: Given the increasing popularity of index funds–which account for about one out of every six dollars invested in equity mutual funds and the vast majority of assets invested […]