Trading tech stocks: 5 plays on big movers –

Hewlett-PackardTechnology company Hewlett-Packard reports quarterly earnings on Thursday. Its stock has fallen more than 17 percent this year.HP has a chance to move higher after its earnings and could rise to $38 per share in the short term, said trader Guy Adami. It closed around $33 on Wednesday.But HP stock may not react well after earnings, and investors should stay […]

Trading the selloff: 8 stocks to buy –

TransportsA more than 3 percent jump in U.S. crude oil prices helped to push Dow transportation stocks 2 percent lower on Wednesday. Delivery services company FedEx also fell more than 2 percent.Read MoreThere’s a huge sentiment split building in marketWeakness in the stock offers a buying opportunity, Seymour said. It closed around $165 per share on Wednesday.Trader Brian Kelly looked […]

Alibaba: Pessimism Is at Extreme Levels for Stock – Barron's

Get long Alibaba.Wall Street’s sales traders are increasingly telling clients to buy Alibaba Group Holdings (ticker: BABA) at a time when the stock and associated implied volatility are trading near lows.The recommendation is gaining vigor since the…

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Alibaba: Pessimism Is at Extreme Levels for Stock – Barron's

4 trades on popping technology stocks –

Baidu—another recently volatile stock—has shown “impressive” signs, said trader Tim Seymour. The Chinese Internet company climbed about half a percent on Monday.”Don’t run out wholesale on Chinese Internets,” Seymour said.Read MoreWhat slowdown? Chinese firms most upbeat in a yearOracle jumped nearly 2.5 percent on Monday ahead of reporting quarterly results on Tuesday. The computing company looks “interesting” ahead of its […]

The Best Trades of 2014

The Best Trades of 2014Posted by Ivanhoff
on November 25th, 2014

Share on StockTwitsLet’s take a look at the most notable moves in 2014.Apple is up almost 50% in 2014 after massively underperforming the market in 2013. Google was on the other side of the performance spectrum. After going up more than 50% in 2013, it is about flat in 2014, so […]

STTG Market Recap November 11, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Tuesday was a quiet calm session as indexes hung out around flat almost the entire session as we continue to see digestion of the large gains seen over the past few weeks.  With the overbought conditions in place it is difficult to see a straight up move from here without a little more time.  The S&P 500 gained 0.07% and […]

STTG Market Recap November 7, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Much like yesterday some early morning red numbers led to dip buyers coming in to buy as we had an unusually quiet employment report day.  Usually there is much more volatility off the jobs data – Friday the S&P 500 gained 0.03% and the NASDAQ dropped 0.13%. The Labor Department reported payrolls increased by 214,000 last month, less than the […]