Hidden gems in this market cycle’s leading theme

Philosophical Economics wrote a terrific post yesterday about how the “Winner take all” economy is affecting companies and the competitive environment. He observed that net margins have been elevated in the last few years. Generally, when margins are high, an industry attracts new entrants who come in and eventually drive down margins. One explanation advanced is that in a “winner […]

Stocks Calm Amid Deflation, Profit Threats

Stocks finished mixed again on Thursday in another quiet session. I checked the calendar, because the action feels eerily like a holiday reprieve. Where is everyone?Or maybe like a calm before a storm given threatening data on nascent deflation and a rollover in corporate earnings. I know it’s almost forbidden to say this out loud with sentiment so bubbly — […]

3 Biotech Stocks for Short-Term, Bullish Trades

By Profit Scanner for InvestorPlace MediaHealthcare has been far and away the best sector of 2015 so far — and biotech stocks are no exception.The iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (ETF) (IBB) is up 9.4% in just the year-to-date; that’s about twice the return of the Nasdaq as a whole, and four-and-a-half times more than the S&P 500. And analysts at […]

Darvas Box Stock Trading:LIC,HCL Tech and HDFC | Bramesh …

LIC Housing

Holding 466 stock is heading to 492/521
Intraday traders use below mentioned levels

Buy above 471.5 Tgt 474.4,478 and 481 SL 470
Sell below 466 Tgt 464,460 and 455 SL 468


Any close above 1275 stock is heading to 1300/1364
Intraday traders use below mentioned levels

Buy above 1270 Tgt 1280,1293 and 1312 SL 1262
Sell below 1260 Tgt 1250,1240 and 1230 SL 1265

HCL Tech

1974 […]

STTG Market Recap November 7, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Much like yesterday some early morning red numbers led to dip buyers coming in to buy as we had an unusually quiet employment report day.  Usually there is much more volatility off the jobs data – Friday the S&P 500 gained 0.03% and the NASDAQ dropped 0.13%. The Labor Department reported payrolls increased by 214,000 last month, less than the […]

Bulls Clear Resistance, Prior Support/ Profit Alert (MGM)/ New Trade … Mid-Market Update for 8/11/2014Bulls Clear Resistance, Prior Support/ Profit Alert (MGM)/ New Trade (YHOO)!!!1:35 p.m. (EST)Futures were higher throughout the night and ahead of Wall Street’s open which was a bullish sign following my weekend homework.  While it is too early to say if the early August weakness has come and gone, the bulls are taking a step in […]

(PBYI) Shares Soar 288%, Call Options Zoom 2671%/ Profit Alert Midday Update for 7/23/2014Puma Biotechnology (PBYI) Shares Soar 288%, Call Options Zoom 2,671%/ Profit Alert (QQQ)!!!1:00pm (EST)If you want to know why I trade options you will find no better reason than what I am about to show you.  The hunt for the ultimate option trade is always on and I was fortunate enough to find an 800% return […]

MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD: Live Stock Trading – Bad Entry, but Still

Live Stock Trading – Bad Entry, but Still $110 Profit “Plan the trade and trade the plan” is hopefully a saying you have heard before. If you have not yet, the video HERE of my live stocking trading shows why having a plan is so important. As you will see, I got a terrible initial entry on my buy, but […]

Profit Margins And Stock Market Reversions | Zero Hedge

Over the weekend, Jesse Livermore wrote an excellent piece on how we should view profit margins. The piece is very long and detailed but makes a very good case on the proper measure of calculating profit margins due to the impact of globalization. “Now, you might ask, to calculate the profit margin, why do we only include final sales […]

Stocktrading | the FREEWARE JUNKIE

Trading noob with no trading experience? Start off here. Learn about a minimal risk trade that takes place almost every day, on pretty much every market, permitting you to often take hundreds or maybe 1000s of greenbacks away from the session’strend exactly like a seasoned pro. day trading to victory starts with a understanding of why exchanges act in the […]