Making Sense Of The Sudden Market Plunge

Submitted by Chris Martenson of PeakProsperityMaking Sense Of The Sudden Market PlungeThe global deflationary wave we have been tracking since last fall is picking up steam. This is the natural and unavoidable aftereffect of a global liquidity bubble brought to you courtesy of the world’s main central banks. What goes up must come down – and that’s especially true for […]

Robinhood Free Stock Market Trading App Comes To Android

Using the stock market isn’t free. Well, obviously. You’re buying and selling stock, after all. But on top of that, brokerage firms tend to charge fees to manage financial transactions. The Robinhood app lets you get around that fee, and now it has made its way over from iOS to Android.Robinhood lets you access market data and quotes in real-time. […]

What the Chinese stock market crash teach you – Get Rich Slowly

This article is by staff writer William Cowie.By some accounts, China’s stock market has been in free fall. In less than a month, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSEC) — the Chinese equivalent of America’s S&P 500 stock index — saw a 30 percent drop in value.Media reports have ranged from indifference to breathless comparisons with the great stock […]

A Closer Look: Potential For Correction Exists

by Tiho Brkan, Short Side of LongChart 1: Equities recently suffered a technical reversal at record highs…  Source: FinViz.comPrinter-friendly VersionEmail This Article

This weeks trading sessions in the US equities continue to show evidence of weakness, as majority of the US equity indices stalled at resistance levels. Couple of days ago, the S&P 500 opened at intraday record highs but closed with an outside […]

It's Official – The US Is The World's Most Expensive Stock Market …

When even the mainstream media is unable to ignore the ‘expensiveness’ of the US equity market…(click image for large legible version)Source: The TelegraphAnd this is data through June – since when earnings expectations have dropped…and prices have hit new highs…* * *Average:4Your rating: None Average: 4 (4 votes)

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It's Official – The US Is The World's Most Expensive Stock Market […]

NZ stocks rise, Fletcher, Trade Me gain – Business News | TVNZ

NZ stocks rise, Fletcher, Trade Me gainPublished: 7:29PM Wednesday August 20, 2014 Source: BusinessDeskEmail this article
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Fletcher Building site – Source: ONE News

New Zealand shares rose as Fletcher Building and Trade Me Group beat full-year profit guidance.Energy companies fell on weaker political polls ahead of next month’s election.The NZX 50 Index rose 26.126 points, or […]

Effects of Latency on Interactive Visual Analysis | Intel Science …

By Zhicheng Liu*and Jeffrey Heer, University of WashingtonOne acknowledged benefit of using visualizations to explore data is to support interactive analysis at the speed of thought:  starting from a visual overview of the data, analysts can interactively drill down, filter and change encoding to examine the data from different perspectives.When dealing with large volumes of data, the time taken for query processing, […]

Myria: Making Strides in Big Data Management as a Service | Intel …

By Magdalena  Balazinska,  University of WashingtonAt the recent SIGMOD 2014 conference, we demonstrated the Myria Big Data Management and Analytics Service.Myria is a cloud service developed and operated by the University of Washington Database Group and eScience Institute. The Myria design meets requirements from real users and complex workflows, especially in science. Myria provides a unique combination of features:Myria is offered […]

Is The U.S. Stock Market Overpriced? | Seeking Alpha

SummaryA prolonged bull market has provoked questions about an inevitable downturn, with some pundits arguing there is more upside left, and others arguing that a major correction is imminent.
Analyses of historic trading ranges as a function of earnings per share for specific stocks provide plausible criteria by which we might recognize substantial downside potential for stocks.
Three stocks are analyzed from […]

Trade the Bounce: IBM Stock Is Getting Ready to Run

Source: Getty ImagesI’m relatively bearish on IBM (NYSE:IBM) shares. The company has been a major disappointment over the past couple of years, and this is reflected in the company’s stock price, which has been topping out. I think that in the longer term, we can see further downside in the stock, and for the time being, I don’t think that […]