China Halts IPOs in Peculiar Attempt to Prop Up Stock Market …

China Halts IPOs in Peculiar Attempt to Prop Up Stock Market | Mother Jones

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Photo Essays + SlideshowsHot Town, Summer in the City (Photos From the Bronx Riviera)Bronx Riviera feeling dirty and gritty.”I’m a Man in a Dress, and I’m Not Afraid to Show That””Beautiful by Night” captures the transformations of San Francisco’s veteran drag queens.Adorable Photos of Children […]

China Adopts an Unusual Approach to Fighting a Stock Market Crash

China Adopts an Unusual Approach to Fighting a Stock Market Crash | Mother Jones

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Photo Essays + SlideshowsAdorable Photos of Children Around the World With Their Favorite ToysPhotographer Gabriele Galimberti’s new book captures the universality of childhood.Check Out This Amazing Collection of Iconic Photos of the 1960s Haight Street ScenePhotographer Jim Marshall delivers the faces, the icons, and the […]

Create Your Own Stock Market Narrative! | The Big Picture

What makes this so good is how dead on accurate this collection of cliches have become:Click to create your own personal narrative. You may even get your own punditry spot.Source: StockcatsHow awesome is this?!Category: Cognitive Foibles, Financial Press, Markets, Psychology, Really, really bad calls← Credit Supply and the Housing Boom
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How long can you last in The Firm? Trade stocks and find out in this …

The Firm ($0.99) by Sunnyside Games is a frantic reflex game that will keep you coming back for more. If you enjoy simple to learn, difficult to master twitch games like dEXTRIS and Three Points, then The Firm is definitely one you should be adding to your collection.I have a lot of games on my iPhone, but the ones that […]

Will Big Data Answer Big Questions on Health? (Science Friday …

In an interview with Science Friday, Dartmouth’s Jason H. Moore weighs in about Google’s new data collection project, called Baseline Study, which is attempting to paint a picture of human health by cataloging the DNA of healthy people, along with their blood, saliva, tears, and more.
“As a data scientist I am really excited about the Google Baseline Study,” says Moore, […]

Phil Mickelson Investigation: Clorox Stock Trading Cleared

Golfer Phil Mickelson has been cleared from one investigation regarding stock trading.Mickelson was cleared from the investigation regarding the stocks of Clorox, which were presumed questionable. However, no evidence was found from this.“I’ll continue to say, I haven’t done anything wrong,” Mickelson said after shooting a 70 in the first round of the U.S. Open on Thursday. “I’m willing to […]

City of Big Data promotes data benefits, ignores privacy concerns

Chicago: City of Big Data is an exhibition being presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation from now until the end of the year. The title City of Big Data is a play on the moniker bestowed on Chicago by Carl Sandburg, “City of Big Shoulders.” The exhibition focuses on how the City of Chicago uses massive collections of digital information […]

Big Data Means Big Questions on How That Information Is Used …

Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse — Getty ImagesJohn Podesta, a counselor to the president, said a goal of reviewing privacy and big data was to determine how the public and private sectors might maximize the flow of information necessary for innovation while minimizing potential privacy risks to individuals. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — With the success of its free open online course system, called […]

Irving: Big Data Can Save the Planet (or at least its inhabitants …

Yes, we have heard it all before.  A new information technology comes along and it is lauded as a sure fire tool for solving intractable societal problems.  We heard it with radio, computers and the Internet.  And now the buzz is all about Big Data.  The thing is, this time it could be true.Big Data (the collection and analysis of […]

White House to Examine Big Data Industry in a Post-Snowden Light …

A blog post released by the White House this afternoon suggests the fallout from leaker Edward Snowden’s disclosures last year about the National Security Agency’s widespread surveillance projects will spread far beyond questions about government monitoring.A presidential working group is to examine how large-scale data collection and analysis by the private and public sectors for purposes outside of intelligence or […]