Intel Tackles Water Supply Problems With Big Data | Data Center …

With the majority of Big Data conversation focused on solving business problems it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the ultimate opportunity of Big Data is solving big problems — problems that affect our entire society. One of them is hunger and the mix of Big Data and agriculture has the potential to arm companies and governments […]

AGRIBUSINESS: Big Data Poses Problem To Farmers |

Posted on: 5:55 am, March 18, 2014, by Staff Writer, updated on: 04:32am, March 18, 2014High-tech combines and satellite connections pose a new problem for farming: Who gets all the data? In the past, it was assumed all the information farmers collected was theirs, but with internet sending data straight to massive hubs, large corporations have valuable farming habits and […]

Taking the creepy out of Big Data – mUmBRELLA

Taking the creepy out of Big DataWhile most people find Big Data creepy, Paddy Nixon and Ros Harvey from the University of Tasmania argue democratising it would be a real social benefit.Big Data has a reputation for being creepy; the domain of “Big Business” and “Big Government”. At best it’s the driver of relentless advertising, uniquely targeted and eerily reminiscent of our most recent […]

Stock Market News for December 11, 2013 – Zacks Investment …

Stocks declined Tuesday after a three-day bull run as investors kept searching for clues about when the Federal Reserve would taper its stimulus program. The trading day lacked action and there were hardly any economic data to guide the benchmarks. In fact, the approval of the Volcker Rule also had no role to play in changing investor sentiment. Materials sector […]