Trading the global bond market panic –

Traders on the floors of Wall Street can’t stop talking about the turmoil in the global bond market this week.The 10-year Treasury yield touched 2.42 percent Thursday, its highest level of the year and up from 2.09 percent a week ago. The yield on the German 10-year bund also hit its 2015 high.These are not the kind of moves that […]

Babbage: July 16th 2014: Big data, small wins | The Economist

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New film: No ordinary […]

Huge Big Data Poster and Reference – KDnuggets

A really Big poster “Do You Know Big Data” includes: What it is, Leading tools, What is a Data Scientist, What questions should we ask of databases, Visual techniques, Statistical algorithms, Privacy, and more. By Bob Gourley, June 2014.This poster was created by analysts at Altamira.If you are an analyst, enterprise architect, CIO, CTO, CISO, CFO or even […]

Big Data Meets Tiny Storage! | Britannica Blog

Our thanks to The Why Files for permission to republish this post.Data can be a drag. Whether you work in weather, satellite surveillance, astronomy, or particle physics, data is stacking up. Even as hard disks get larger and cheaper, some say DNA, the information reservoir of life, could offer a dramatically better storage mechanism.Because DNA contains four letters—A, C, G, […]

Harbowl? More Like Social Media Super Bowl | NetBase

Forget second screen – in my case there were 3 (TV, iPad, laptop – did you manage to include a couple more?). I’m not sure what this means for the attention span of Americans, but I think we are all headed for national ADD. The lights went out, but there were still some shining stars during tonight’s Super Bowl: first […]