Janet Yellen Can’t Pop The Biotech Bubble (But The SF Gate Can)

Submitted by Daniel Drew via,Biotech has a special place in the heart of the gambler investor. In the modern market where the average investor doesn’t stand a chance, some of them indulge their hope and turn to lottery tickets. If only they can get the next Gilead or the next Amgen, they will become the next wildly successful “maverick” […]

Margin calls fuel China's dramatic stock market collapse | Business …

Stock market investors in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. Photograph: AP
What goes up, can also come down, as the old adage and the modern-day investor warning go. And that is precisely what the tens of millions of people who hold shares in China have been discovering.Chinese stocks had doubled between last November and mid-June, to the delight of a fast-growing army […]

This is yet another messy myth involving stock market indexing …

Indexing is the new stock picking.It is, by far, the most efficient way to obtain a low-cost and diversified portfolio. So it makes sense that index funds are gobbling up the financial markets. But that has some people concerned. What will happen when indexing gets so large that it becomes “the market”? Will prices become less efficient? Will the market […]

Calafia Beach Pundit: What equity market bubble?

Ruchir Sharma argues in today’s WSJ (“The Federal Reserve Asset Bubble Machine”) that the Fed’s easy money policies have created dangerous asset market bubbles in “stocks … bonds, houses and every other financial asset.” In particular, he claims that his “composite valuation for the three major financial assets in America—stocks, bonds and houses—is currently well above levels reached during the […]

Receptos CEO: Building for the long term –

Who can beat the ‘superbug’?
A new antibiotic-resistant “superbug” may have contributed to the deaths of 2 patients at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center. What companies may be on track to combat the deadly virus, with CNBC’s Meg Tirrell.
A year ago, Receptos was a billion-dollar company looking to compete with drugmakers sometimes a hundred times its size, in therapeutic areas already served […]

What's With All the Gimmicky Stock Market “Indicators”? | Pragmatic …

It’s silly time in the stock market calendar.  First there was the Santa Claus rally in December, then there is the incessant talk about the January Effect, then it’s the Super Bowl Indicator, then it will be “sell in May” and on and on.  I am sorry to sound harsh, but these indicators are less than useless. They are little […]

US high school wiz makes $72mn on stock market — RT Business

US high school wiz makes $72mn on stock marketPublished time: December 15, 2014 12:13Get short URLMohammed Islam (Photo from Islam, a 17-year old school student from New York’s Stuyvesant High School, has made a $72 million fortune trading stocks in lunch breaks. The young investor hopes to become a billionaire next year.The son of Bengali immigrants from Queens, Islam […]

These Biotech Stocks to Buy Profit from Today's "Miracle Cures"

When researching the best biotech stocks to buy, investors often look for companies that will cure terrible, chronic diseases.Until recently, these biotech stocks have been elusive.”Modern medicine, for all of its sophisticated drugs, complex gadgets, and amazing surgical procedures, rarely cures anything,” Money Morning‘s Biotech Investing Specialist Ernie Tremblay said. “It treats. It manages. It postpones the inevitable. But return […]

The Big Data Combat | SPEC INDIA

A large unstructured big volume data set; too complex to be handled by commonly used database management systems like RDBMS or DBMS is BIG Data. The size of the data stored in the world has exploded as it is constantly being gathered by various sources and these keep increasing too. The capacity of the world to store data doubles every […]

FuturePerfect Ventures Is A Small Fund Launched To Back …

Looking to harness the flood of data streaming from every networked and sensor-enabled smart device, computer, and machine that circumscribe our modern world, FuturePerfect Ventures has launched a small venture fund to focus on the bedeviling problem of big data.Founded by Jalak Jobanputra, the former director of mobile investments for the Omidyar Network, and previously senior vice president of the […]