China overtakes Japan to become world's second largest stock market

China overtakes Japan to become world’s second largest stock marketPublished time: November 29, 2014 14:21Get short URLReuters/Carlos BarriaTagsBanking, China, Investment, Japan, MarketsThe capitalization of the Chinese stock market increased 33 percent in 2014 reaching $4.48 trillion, which makes the market second only to the US.Japan’s stock market declined 3.2 percent to $4.46 trillion in 2013, according to Bloomberg analysts.The Chinese […]

EU lawmakers back high-frequency trade curbs | Financial Post

High-frequency traders in the European Union are set to face some of the toughest rules in the world, as legislators backed rules that they said would curb volatility and make markets safer.The limits include standards meant to keep the price increment for securities from being too small, mandatory tests of trading algorithms and requirements that market makers provide liquidity for […]

Engagor Adds Turkish to Automatic Sentiment Analysis | Engagor

As of today Engagor automatically detects sentiment in Turkish social media messages! Turkish is 8th in the list of languages Engagor supports for automatic sentiment analysis. Big thanks to our partner Monpera for their help making this happen. Turkish sentiment analysis will not only benefit Turkish companies: there are Turkish-speaking communities all over Europe and these definitely participate in social […]