Predictions, Results and more Forecasts!

Dear Reader,European stocks seem to have started the 10% correction I predicted. The German DAX Index is down circa 5.5% from its peak.European ‘periphery’ government bonds seem to have started the sell off I predicted. Spanish and Italian government bonds sold off hard during the past several weeks. I think the sell off will continue and even accelerate.I expect the […]

Single-Digit VIX Imminent As Slow News Week Set To Depress …

With the VIX smashing last week to levels not seen since early 2007, the S&P rising to all time highs, and European core and peripheral bond yield this morning touching historic lows, it would appear that the “market” has priced in every possible negative outcome. Which, as Goldman showed over the weekend is clearly not the case at least as […]

Beating the Stock Market – With DIY Insulation – Mr. Money Mustache

We learned that a Honda Odyssey with all seats including front removed, holds exactly 41 bags of insulation.Well, I’m almost done that house I have been rebuilding since last fall. There was a big push through the electrical and insulation stages, and then I happily handed the place off to Agustin and his crew for drywall*, which is now in […]

Stock Market Analysis: Traders Hold Their Nerve On M&A …

* US stock markets finished higher again, for the easiest trade in the past three months on “turnaround Tuesday”.* European stock markets continued to find support rising to three week highs overnight, on the back of M&A activity and corporate earnings.* Asian stock markets generally rose spurred on by gains in China, as it found support at its key level.* […]

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Rotation Bonds & Commodities into …

Here below please find the latest Swiss team’s technical report.As its their first technical report for 2014 its a nice review of the year past and attempts to sign post where we have come from and we are going on their cyclical road maps.Its an exceptionally thought provoking and therefore meaningful medium and longer term report. As well as covering […]

Engagor Adds Turkish to Automatic Sentiment Analysis | Engagor

As of today Engagor automatically detects sentiment in Turkish social media messages! Turkish is 8th in the list of languages Engagor supports for automatic sentiment analysis. Big thanks to our partner Monpera for their help making this happen. Turkish sentiment analysis will not only benefit Turkish companies: there are Turkish-speaking communities all over Europe and these definitely participate in social […]

EURUSD Technical Analysis 05.01 – 12.01: Bearish Reversal …

Chinkou Span line of Ichimoku indicator came to be very close to historical price ready for breakdown from above to be for possible price reversal on D1 timeframe from bullish to primary bearish market condition. The primary bearish is already going on for H4 timeframe and H1 timeframe. As to W1 so the correction within primary bullish may be started […]