The Running Of The Bulltards: Milked and Bilked. Again.

Ponzi World (Over 3 Billion NOT Served): The Running Of The Bulltards: Milked and Bilked. Again.

The Running Of The Bulltards: Milked and Bilked. Again.Another “successful” Wall Street IPO pump and dump cycle endsRight on time, junk stocks are blowing off Shanghai StyleMW: August 10, 2015Revenueless Biotech Gains 2,700% In two days on 60x average volume.Gets CYNK’d at the end of […]

I haven't been paying attention. Should I be worried about China's …

Here’s what you need to know:1. Yes, it’s a crash, and it’s not over yet.Here’s a long-term chart of the Chinese stock market, to put this in perspective. Facebook Share Pinterest Pin ItWe’re on our way down right now, there’s further to fall, and the main reason that stocks haven’t fallen further already is just that they aren’t trading at […]

PayPal Stock Will Start Trading on July 20 | Re/code

EBay’s spinoff of its payments business PayPal is scheduled to be completed on July 17, the company announced today, with PayPal beginning regular trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market on July 20. EBay shareholders will receive one share of PayPal for every share of eBay they own. EBay, excluding the PayPal business, registered 10 percent more revenue than PayPal in […]

S&P500 may break below 100 dma, Building Wealth, Investing …

Episode 122:  The DOW has broken below its 50 dma and the S&P500 is hovering just barely above its.More importantly, the S&P500 is only 0.5% above its 100 dma.   If it breaks the 100 dma and doesn’t quickly recover, that’s a huge red flag because the 100 dma has been an extremely dependable support level.That being said, this is an […]

LinkedIn Earnings Push Stock Down More Than 25 Percent | Re/code

LinkedIn hit Wall Street’s financial expectations Thursday, but lowered its revenue guidance for next quarter as investors sent the stock down more than 25 percent during after-hours trading.LinkedIn reported 57 cents per share on $638 million in revenue for the first quarter of 2015. That’s a revenue jump of more than 35 percent over the same quarter last year.Those numbers […]

Are you pursuing happiness? – Wealthsteading Podcast

Episode 102:  The pursuit of happiness is so important that it’s a phrase immortalized in the Declaration of Independence.  Unfortunately for most it is simply a cliché.In this episode I describe four paths to happiness that some listeners of this podcast are pursuing.  In each case, their desires are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  That’s the point.  Don’t get caught up in media […]

Why This Tech Bubble is Worse Than the Tech Bubble of 2000 …

Ah the good old days.  Stocks up $25, $50, $100 more in a single day.  Day trading was all the rage.  Anyone and everyone you talked to had a story about how they had made a ton of money on such and such a stock. In an hour.  Stock trading millionaires were being minted by the week, if not sooner.You […]

Bitcoin Is About to Take Over the Stock Market – CryptoCoinsNews

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As you’ve probably read, the Winklevoss twins have been trying to get a publicly-traded Bitcoin fund on the market for some time now. Theirs is to be COIN, but in a turn of events, the Bitcoin Investment Trust has beat them to the punchline and will soon be listed as BTCV, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The Bitcoin Investment […]

Immuno-Oncology Promises Continued Wealth And Health: LifeTech Capital’s Stephen Dunn

Immuno-Oncology Promises Continued Wealth And Health: LifeTech Capital’s Stephen Dunn
By iCELL News on February 20, 2015 · Investing
SummaryIn 2015, the focus of the checkpoint inhibitor space will be on additional cancer types, beyond melanoma, as well as on collaborations and combinations.
The financial resources needed to develop an advantage in the anti-PD-1/PD-L1 space are now beyond the reach of most smaller […]

Comment on Market Fragility Returns by Playing the Ponzi

I have been harping all year that signs of a major top abound, and the scene continues to unfold.  I have no conviction at the moment as to whether we bounce a little here or continue lower.  In the big picture, I remain exceedingly confident that we are witnessing a major topping process.  In the short term, I could imagine […]