Fighting Wildfires with Big Data | Planetizen: The Urban Planning …

WIFIRE, a real-time and data-driven simulation, prediction, and visualization technology, combines satellite and remote sensor data to forecast the potential spread of wildfires.As InformationWeek reports, a team of researchers, technologists, and firefighters from the University of California at San Diego and the University of Maryland, with support from the National Science Foundation, have come together to create a far-reaching simulation, visualization, and […]

EMC Big Data Courses for Data Scientists and Business Leaders

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EMC offers industry-leading training and certification to help you meet the Big Data challenges. Get Data Science and Big Data Analytics Starterkit or Big Data Analytics Course for Business Leaders.

Looking to develop the expertise to lead a big data analytics team? Want to gain the […]

July 2014 Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining Acquisitions and Startups …

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July 2014 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: Twitter buys Madbits, WalmartLabs buys Luvocracy, Zillow buys Trulia, Apple buys Booklamp, Yahoo buys Flurry, Salesforce buys RelateIQ, Couchbase, GE, Databricks, and more. By Gregory Piatetsky, Aug 7, […]

Interview: Vita Markman, LinkedIn on Practical Solutions for …

We discuss sentiment data models, significance of linguistic features, handling the noise in social conversations, industry challenges, important use cases and the appropriateness of over-simplified binary classification. By Anmol Rajpurohit, @hey_anmol, Aug 4, 2014.Vita Markman is currently employed as a Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn, where she works on various natural language processing applications such as performing sentiment analysis of customer […]

Big Data – Science 2.0

Nothing boosts the prospects of page hits on a blog – or funding of a grant proposal – like the phrase “big data.” Why are we enamored with “big data”? It’s not the magic bullet of management or policy: It’s made money for a few companies, but has backfired bigtime in the arenas of national security (NSA surveillance scandals) and […]

Why China Couldn't Care Less About Its Stock Market | Zero Hedge

Following the latest liquidity injections by the PBOC (set to make 2014 the biggest credit creation year since Lehman), countless bailouts of insolvent companies by Beijing and local governments despite promises there would be no bailouts, and what some have dubbed is an actual Chinese QE, all making it quite clear that China was clearly not serious when it threatened […]

Businesses and the Big Data Skills Shortage | Data Center Knowledge

RICK DELGADORick Delgado is an enterprise tech commentator and writer.Although Big Data is no longer a foreign concept to businesses they still face significant challenges when implementing it into their organizations. And the problem doesn’t stem from understanding its importance. Rather, it lies in finding the right people for the job.Addressing the shortageThere are many reasons the Big Data skills […]

Bay Area data scientists have come together to support this big data …

Imagine that your local ambulance and fire dispatch runs on an algorithm developed with the help of the data scientists who built Lyft’s grid-optimization system.Bayes Impact, a big data focused nonprofit, launched its fall 2014 fellowship last week to make that actually happen.Former Eventbrite lead data scientist Paul Duan, nonprofit veteran Andrew Jiang, and former Thomvest Ventures analyst Eric Liu founded […]

US Postal Service Sees Benefits of Big Data. Procurement Should Too

US Postal Service Sees Benefits of Big Data. Procurement Should Too
07-Jul-14 10:00In case anyone had doubts, it’s now official that the “big data” revolution has gone mainstream: The US Postal Service is looking at big data and the analytical capabilities it promises to develop and implement its planned “Internet of Postal Things.” If the Postal Service, which probably collects more […]

Intelligent Energy fuel cell company plans stock market flotation …

File photo of a scientist inspecting fuel cell prototypes. Photograph: Peter Ginter/Getty Images/Science FactionIntelligent Energy, a green power company originally formed by academics from Loughborough University, unveiled plans on Friday to float on the London Stock Exchange, with an expected value of £600m.The fuel cell developer hopes to take advantage of investor interest in new listings to raise at […]