China Devalues Yuan To Fresh 4-Year Lows, Arrests Top Securities …

Update: Chinese stocks are seeing no lift whatsoever from the rate cuts…CSI-300 is fading fast…And*SHANGHAI COMPOSITE INDEX SLIDES 3.3%
Confusion reigns at Bloomberg also… (look at URL – original title, and compared to title posted at 8pmET)…And now…h/t BeermunkAs we detailed earlier:The Asia morning begins mixed in stock markets, The PBOC explains […]

Summarizing The "Black Monday" Carnage So Far

It’s officially Black Monday, if only in China for now.We warned on Friday, after last week’s China rout, that the market is getting ahead of itself with its expectation of a RRR-cut by China as large as 100 bps. “The risk is that there isn’t one.” We were spot on, because not only was there no RRR cut, but Chinese […]

How China's Stock Market Crash Influenced Today's Yuan …

The Chinese central bank would never admit it, but China’s stock market crash surely weighed on its decision today to devalue the yuan.The news had an immediate impact, with the yuan falling nearly 2% against the U.S. dollar. It marked the biggest one-day plunge since 1994.Because of the way the yuan is controlled by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), […]

'the most important consequence' of China's stock market crash

Wikimedia CommonsWangfujing Street, BeijingChina’s economy is going through a rough patch, and fears things could get worse have been exacerbated by the recent crash of the country’s high-flying stock market.But amid all of this, the real losers may be the leaders in Beijing.”The diminished credibility of policymakers may be the most important consequence of the crisis,” a team of Citi Research economists said […]

China Attempts to Prop Up Stock Market After Steep Declines

The overheated Shanghai and Shenzhen markets have lost 29 and 32 per cent respectively over the past three weeks following 7-year highs reached on June 12.Instead of welcoming a much needed correction, Chinese brokerages and the Bank of China agreed to prop up the market.Stimulus Short-LivedThe stimulus act has failed already. The South China Morning Post reports Chinese Shares Close […]

Stocks Turmoil To End Q2 With Worst Run Since Lehman

Overheard at The PBOC, The SNB, The ECB, and The Fed…Before we start, it is worth noting that this is the first consecutive quarterly loss for Trannies since Lehman…S&P 2067.89 was all that mattered today – for the biggest US equity market to avoid its first quarterly loss since Q4 2012… It Failed!!Q2 ends with crude the big winner, bonds […]

For stocks—the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?—commentary

2) Shanghai shares fell 3.3 percent on Monday despite another rate cut by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), and reduction in reserve requirements, which allows banks to lend more freely, and again, at a lower cost to borrowers.3) Puerto Rico says it can’t pay the $72 billion owed to its creditors and wants a moratorium on payments until it […]


Worldwide Incongruities: Rising Monetary Bases, Decreasing PricesGary North – December 03, 2014Doug Nolan writes the Prudent Bear column. In his column for November 28, he summarized today’s worldwide insanity.First, the fall in the price of oil.On the back of OPEC’s failure to cut production, crude this week sank $10.36, or 13.5%, to the lowest price since May 2010. The Goldman […]

Why China Couldn't Care Less About Its Stock Market | Zero Hedge

Following the latest liquidity injections by the PBOC (set to make 2014 the biggest credit creation year since Lehman), countless bailouts of insolvent companies by Beijing and local governments despite promises there would be no bailouts, and what some have dubbed is an actual Chinese QE, all making it quite clear that China was clearly not serious when it threatened […]

China Stamps Out "Rat Traders" To Boost Stock Market Confidence …

The utilization of the Chinese market as both policy tool and ‘wealth’ creator – as The Fed has done with the S&P 500 – remains less than the PBOC would like. It appears the Chinese prefer their ‘risk’ in Baccarat and real estate and don’t trust those stock markets shisters… so the government is doing something about it. While American […]