New AWS Test Drives – Big Data, Security, Microsoft, and More

The AWS Test Drives give you direct and easy access to a wide variety of enterprise solution stacks, all hosted on the AWS Cloud. These labs are available to you to run for a half-day evaluation period at no charge. Each test drive includes a guided video tour and a lab manual, so you will be up and running in […]

Who's Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush? – ReadWrite

We’re in the midst of a Big Data Gold Rush, with VCs throwing cash at anyone and everyone with a Big Data idea. But as Cowen & Co. analyst Peter Goldmacher posits, the Big Data financial opportunity has three phases, with Big Data users, not vendors, standing to make the most money in Big Data’s third and final phase.
Big Data’s […]

Facebook Open Sources Big Data Software – Business Insider

TechCrunch DisruptFacebook CEO Mark ZuckerbergSee AlsoStartup Pure Storage Hired 44 Employees From EMC — And EMC Is SuingCisco Launches Its Secret Startup Insieme, Then Buys It For $863 MillionHow Automattic Grew Into A Startup Worth $1 Billion With No Email And No Office WorkersSay what you want about Facebook’s war on privacy, there is one thing the company is doing that […]

“Futurehunter” Examines the Dangers of Stock Trading at the Speed

In this excerpt from Humanity in the Machine: What Comes after Greed? futurist Brian David Johnson describes his job as a “futurehunter” and his fascination with both algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading (HFT). Both methods use computer programs to automate and accelerate the execution of certain financial transactions. Yet heavy reliance on such technology in the finance world can be […]

“Fundamentals and Technical Analysis of Stocks”- One Day …

It is of common wisdom to enter the stock market in an organized manner, acquire proper knowledge and then act accordingly to work your way up the ladder. For students interested in exploring this as a career,  a one day Workshop  was conducted on “Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Stocks”  as an attempt to provide an insight into the field. The […]

StockTwits Review – The Twitter Of Stock Investing, Only Better …

>>” alt=”StockTwits – Just ask what’s going on and you’ll get an answer in seconds >>>” src=”” width=”640″ height=”513″/>StockTwits – Just ask what’s going on and you’ll get an answer in seconds >>>StockTwits is a short messaging social network just like Twitter, but totally adapted to the needs of stock investors and traders to manage the minute by minute flow […]

Sentiment Analysis: Is Social Media Driving Pakistan's Future?

In 2001, Pakistan came on the world map across US university campuses, claimed to be host to a number of highly dangerous enemies of the ‘free world’. Over the next few years, it successfully gained the status of ‘World’s most Dangerous Country’ courtesy of Newsweek, as though before it existed it was not dangerous, let alone a country. This is […]