ETF Stats for May 2015 – Spot Failures and Extreme Makeovers

ETF Stats for May 2015 – Spot Failures and Extreme MakeoversJune 6, 2015 by Ron RowlandFiled under Commentary, ETF Statistics, Extreme MakeoversSixteen new products were introduced in May and five were closed. Both the launch and closure counts should have been higher by ten, but Invesco PowerShares decided to perform an extreme-makeover on ten of its ETFs.  Additionally, new entrant […]

Momentum Stock Trading – Wall Street Survivor Blog

Momentum stocks are measured by the rate of change over the past 20, 30, 50 or 250 days prior trading with special attention to the rate of change. Think of it like a rolling stone that picks up speed as it rolls downhill. It begins slowly but then continues to increase until hitting maximum velocity at which point it will stop or reverse itself.A […]

The Week Ahead: Breakout As Expected — So What’s Next?

In last week’s Fakeout or Breakout? I made the case based on the technical evidence that “despite Friday’s drop, I expect last week’s highs in the major averages to be surpassed in the coming weeks.” As you may recall, the S&P 500 was down over 1% on Friday April 17 and the bearish sentiment spiked.In last Thursday’s trading, the NYSE […]

Scanning For Extreme Momentum Burst Pull Backs

Short term momentum extremes over a month period tend to mean revert. A recent example of this is CUBA which went parabolic with gains in excess of 100% over a 4 day period. Another example from last September/October is LAKE which gained nearly 400% over month.


One approach to these types of extreme moves is to devise tactics for shorting, particularly […]

86 Years of U.S. Stock Market History | The Big Picture

Zoom in for details.Source: Equius PartnersCategory: Data Analysis, Investing, Markets
← Net Employment Change by Major Industry, February 2010 to March 2014

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86 Years of U.S. Stock Market History | The Big Picture

See which stocks are […]

XAUUSD Technical Analysis 15.12 – 12.01: Ranging – MQL5 forum …

Monthly timeframe – gold is on bearish and it is falt for now. But bearish anyway (and bearish trend for the next future on MN1 timeframe) … and next tagret is $1180Weekly timeframe is bearish too with the target 1182:D1 timeframe – primary bearish too with downtrend will be started soon. Price is floating inside the channel of 1248 and […]

EURUSD Technical Analysis 05.01 – 12.01: Bearish Reversal …

Chinkou Span line of Ichimoku indicator came to be very close to historical price ready for breakdown from above to be for possible price reversal on D1 timeframe from bullish to primary bearish market condition. The primary bearish is already going on for H4 timeframe and H1 timeframe. As to W1 so the correction within primary bullish may be started […]

The Stock Market After The Rally Year [SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust …

The exceptional market year of 2013 is winding down and all but the most die-hard bears are sad to see it go. Even amid uncommonly bitter partisanship in Washington and a host of other policy and economic issues, the market sailed blithely through every storm, rarely retracing more than a few percentage points and using every dip to push to […]

Putting Biotech Stocks Under the Microscope – Barron's –

In 1996, fresh out Harvard, Rajiv Kaul went to work as an analyst covering biotechnology at Fidelity Investments. At the time, the sector was still considered a risky niche—the perfect project for the new guy. “Biotech was viewed like a lottery ticket,” says Kaul, 41. “It was something conventional investors shied away from.”
Where others saw uncertainty, Kaul saw possibility. After […]

Sentiment Analysis: Is Social Media Driving Pakistan's Future?

In 2001, Pakistan came on the world map across US university campuses, claimed to be host to a number of highly dangerous enemies of the ‘free world’. Over the next few years, it successfully gained the status of ‘World’s most Dangerous Country’ courtesy of Newsweek, as though before it existed it was not dangerous, let alone a country. This is […]