US stocks plunge in early trading after Chinese stock rout – Business …

eapcontent.ap.orgPeople watch trading boards at a private stock market gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Monday, Aug. 24, 2015. Stocks tumbled across Asia on Monday as investors shaken by the sell-off last week on Wall Street unloaded shares in practically every sector. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stock markets plunged in early trading Monday following a big drop […]

Eurasian Economic Union to offer cross-border stock trading in 2016 …

Eurasian Economic Union to offer cross-border stock trading in 2016Published time: June 11, 2015 16:15Get short URLRIA Novosti / Alexey KudenkoTagsCIS, Russia and the global economy, Russian economy, TradeEurasian Economic Union (EEU) plans to allow reciprocal access to national stock exchanges next year, according to Eurasian Economic Commission Minister Timur Suleimenov.READ MORE: Vietnam signs free trade deal with Russia-led EEU […]

Israel's stock market is walloping its neighbors –

At the recent Israel Investment Seminar in New York, Yossi Beinart, head of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, spoke of plans to attract investors, including a move to allow Israeli companies to adopt Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures, or GAAP.In addition, the exchange, in conjunction with BlueStar Indexes, announced the TASE-BlueStar Israel Global Technology Index, which will track 57 major technology […]

The Stock Market's GDP Denial Could End Badly | Markets …

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.
–Mark TwainSo let me get this straight: The GDP revision for first quarter came in far worse than economist estimates, and the stock market simply doesn’t care?  Enough with the weather excuse.  Enough with the Russia excuse.  The bond market since day one of this year has been pessimistic on the economy.  So far, […]

Egyptian Stock Market – Business Insider

Think the U.S. market has been on a nice run? Try Egypt.Here’s a one-year chart of the CASE-30 index, via Bloomberg. The index is up a breathtaking 55% just since last summer.BloombergCoincidentally or not (probably not, actually), the bottom almost perfectly coincides with the Egyptian army toppling Morsi last summer, proving once again that moments of extreme chaos can make […]

Will the Internet Destroy the Stock Market? – Harvard Business Review

Last week, the NASDAQ exchange froze for three hours due to a faulty connection. On Monday, Europe’s largest derivatives market shut down for an hour because of a glitch. Last month, 14,000 people in rural Iowa lost internet access after a minor car crash crushed a cable. In 2011, the entire country of Egypt had a total internet blackout after […]

Sentiment Analysis: Is Social Media Driving Pakistan's Future?

In 2001, Pakistan came on the world map across US university campuses, claimed to be host to a number of highly dangerous enemies of the ‘free world’. Over the next few years, it successfully gained the status of ‘World’s most Dangerous Country’ courtesy of Newsweek, as though before it existed it was not dangerous, let alone a country. This is […]