CIA Economist Warns of Stock Market Crash – Live Trading News …

CIA Economist Warns of Stock Market Crash‏Posted by: : Shayne HeffernanPosted on: January 10, 2015CIA Economist Warns of Stock Market Crash‏Mount Weather is a national security stronghold located near the Blue Ridge Mountains.Its maze of underground bunkers is known as “Area B.”My colleagues have given Mount Weather the code name “High Point Special Facility.”This is where Congressional leadership was transported […]

Four Stocks Which Refuse To Sell Off With The Stock Market – Netflix …

If the January Barometer is any guide, stocks could be in for a rough 2014. The 2013 gain of over 29% in the S&P 500 and the gain of over 26% in the Dow Jones Industrial Average may have simply pulled forward most of the expected gains that could be had in 2014. The Dow is now close to being […]

3M Co (NYSE:MMM), WisdomTree Investments, Inc. – Penny Stocks …

3M Co (NYSE:MMM) rose 0.56 percent to $132.13 in the current trading session after Jefferies Group raised its price target for the diversified technology company from $140 per share to $150 per share, in a research note sent to investors on Wednesday. MMM shares are trading in the range of $131.48 to $132.56 today. The company has a market capitalization […]

Topsy | Can social sentiment predict the success of the new iPhone?

Speculation is flying this week as Apple gears up to make its much-anticipated announcement on Tuesday, September 10. Will iPhones come in new colors? Will there be a low-cost version? Will it scan your fingerprints?
We won’t know for sure until tomorrow. But for Apple shareholders, those questions are minor details compared to the real issue: Will the new iPhone sell?
This […]