FIN4: Stealing Insider Information for an Advantage in Stock Trading …

At FireEye, we investigate cyber threat activity that typically aligns with one of two goals: the pursuit of sensitive information to fulfill a government’s goals, or the theft of data for financial gain. The media echoes these two objectives daily in news stories about Eastern European cybercriminals stealing payment card data from retailers, or China-based threat groups targeting high tech […]

The Stock Market Story Behind the Inquisition of Johnny Manziel …

It’s been said about legendary defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan that his analysis of potential football players most prominently took place at locker room sinks. Word is that he would watch the players shave: if they let the water run throughout then they were spoiled, and too soft. On the other hand, those who turned the sink off in between swipes […]

Companies Not Embracing 'Big Data' – Business Insider

For years, big data has been one of the hottest buzzwords across all industries.Big data is the term used to describe the process of analyzing complex set of data sets to discover information that could help make better decisions or find certain patterns that were previously unknown.For example, Amazon is able to recommend products based on your previous buying patterns. […]

How to avoid a big data nightmare – BetaNews

Big data is no longer just the domain of big companies. As the perception of big data moves from futuristic hype to real-world opportunity, the promise of improved decision making, increased operational efficiency and new revenue streams has more organizations actively engaging in data analysis projects than ever before. That no longer only means more enterprise organizations, either. Midmarket companies […]

Where HP Vertica fits in the Big Data continuum | SiliconANGLE

About 60 percent of organizations are in the process of shifting resources from their existing data management investments to Hadoop, according to research from, while 30 percent intend to begin on the journey by the end of the year. For Chris Selland, a former longtime analyst and current vice president of marketing and business development at Hewlett-Packard Co.’s Vertica […]

Big data is a big opportunity, but current IT thinking needs to change

Hitachi Data Systems has just revealed the results of its “Information Innovation Index,” which is a study that aimed to measure how businesses are able to tap into and make good use of big data. And the short answer is that many feel they’re not making best use of the swathes of data they’re sat on.The study was conducted by […]

Technical analysis of terrorist graphic/brand design – Boing Boing


On We Make Money, Not Art, Regine has posted a long and fascinating review of the 2013 book
Branding Terror. The Logotypes and Iconography of Insurgent Groups and Terrorist Organizations
, which presents a detailed analysis of the visual identity of terrorist and non-state-actor insurgent groups around the world and over time. Underground and criminalized subcultures have produced some remarkable and […]

Big interest in Big Data – Knight Foundation

Photo credit: Flickr user: maximillion.
The social sector is undergoing an important transformation when it comes to research and evaluation. Nonprofits have shifted from asking whether they should measure their work to how to most effectively assess impact. Coupled with the emergence of new approaches for collecting and analyzing data, there’s never been more interest […]

Advocacy groups tout big-data civil rights rules | SiliconBeat


Silicon Beat


A consortium of 14 civil-liberties and other advocacy groups have come up with a list of civil rights principles for the big-data era.The organizations – including the American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP, National Council of La Raza and Common Cause – said the principles are needed because of the vast array of new data-gathering technologies.Declaring it “vitally important […]

Big Data is for everyone, not just data geeks #BigDataSV 2014 …

With all the huge changes assaulting us every day — cloud and social computing services like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, mobile computing, cyber bullying, NSA spying and the erosion of privacy, etc. — for most people Big Data may seem like something for the data geeks. That is a mistake. Big Data sits at the center of all the technology-driven […]