Stock Market About to Hit Sudden Air Pocket! | Brad Gudgeon …

Stock Market About to Hit Sudden Air Pocket!By: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, Apr 11, 2015SharePrintEmailI warned back a few days ago that the market looked tired. We got a few more points since then as the FED minutes on Wednesday help fuel the market higher. The set up is there for another “sudden 2% drop” like we had on Mar […]

Pullback Deepens

Stocks moved lower on Tuesday, extending the pullback from recent highs. Trading picked up as money appears to be shifting out of index names. Leading stocks generally dropped, but not the usual 2x pace of the market. In fact, there were plenty of leaders that moved higher or held strong. Biotechs were flashing buy signals (OTIC, ZFGN, etc.) or were […]

TraderFeed: Measuring Stock Market Sentiment With the Index Put …

The recent post took a look at the Equity Put/Call Ratio (the ratio of put volume to call volume for all listed options of individual stocks across all exchanges) and what it tells us about the market. Above we see a five-day moving average of the Index Put/Call Ratio (the ratio of put volume to call volume for all listed […]

Understanding Options-Based Sentiment in the Stock Market

I’m currently working on creating better indicators of stock market sentiment. Above is a five-day moving average of the equity put/call ratio: the ratio of put volume traded for all listed individual stocks divided by their call volume (no index volume included; raw data from e-Signal). You can see that spikes in the ratio have corresponded pretty well with buying […]

2014 Fox Gurus Predictions Review

More Fox Business Block gurus: ; Here were the 2014 stock market predictions:Here are the returns from 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2014:Dow: 16,557 to 17,823 (7.5%, or 10% including dividends)
SP500: 1,848 to 2,059 (11.4%, or 13.7% including dividends)
Nasdaq: 4,177 to 4,736 (13.4%, ; or 14% including dividends)
Oil was down 45% for the year.

On to the Fox Business Network gurus! ; These are […]

Long Term Thesis

Stocks and Industries that are expected to grow in the next 5-10 yearsAerospace (ITA)• Air and space travel will be more accessible than ever.• Over the next 10 years the private space industry will surge.• Rising transportation demand will accelerate airplane manufacturing.• Drone technology is a growth industry in both private and military sectors.• Cheaper fuel alternatives will develop, […]

BioTime Harnesses Geron’s Stem Cell Technology And Its Founder; Is That Enough To Survive The Biotech Revolution?

BioTime Harnesses Geron’s Stem Cell Technology And Its Founder; Is That Enough To Survive The Biotech Revolution?
By iCELL News on December 5, 2014 · Sector
by Ian CliftSummaryBioTime is a growing player in the anti-aging biotech revolution, buying up multiple assets, including Geron’s stem cell technology portfolio.Is buying time for biotechs the cliche in the BioTime name?BioTime is accumulating a large […]

US Stock Market At a Critical Turning Point :: The Market Oracle …

US Stock Market At a Critical Turning PointStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 06, 2014 – 07:06 AM GMTBy: Chris_VermeulenThe past two years we see the stock market steadily climb with low volatility. All investors and traders have had to do is simply buy the pullbacks within the stock market and riding the market to new highs. While this has worked […]

TraderFeed: U.S. TICK: Tracking the Stock Market by Tracking the …

Yesterday’s trading session was interesting in that we started with early weakness, experienced a selloff that failed to break last week’s lows for most stocks, and then rallied back to the open before breaking out and moving steadily higher. Yesterday’s post illustrated how we can track such shifts in strength by identifying the number of stocks making fresh intraday highs […]

NTT DATA: Using Real-Time Analysis to Build a Financial Sentiment …

Read/Download White Paper (PDF)Business Solutions for IT Managers: NTT DATA creates a high-speed, big data–based analysis of the relationship between stock prices and social media sentiments with the Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 familyRelated posts:Journey to Cloud eMagazine (Volume 2, Issue 1) Business Solutions for IT Managers: Intel’s cloud computing eMagazine brings you insiders’ viewpoints on everything you need to […]