STTG Market Recap May 21, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

Another quiet session in a week full of them.  The S&P 500 gained 0.23% and the NASDAQ 0.38% as morning weakness was bought.  This is a good sign again, but these gains are of a grinding nature.  Existing home sales for April fell 3.3%, missing an expected 1% gain to 5.24 million units. Earlier in the week, reports showed home […]

A Recent Testimonial from an Subscriber

I just had to share the following testimonial, received yesterday from one of my Weekly “Counts” Webinar subscribers:—“Sid,I wanted to thank you for the incredible research and analysis that you provide by giving you a brief history on me and how my account is exploding to the upside since I started following you and attending your webinars.After the economic meltdown […]

Choppy stock trading to spill into Q2, experts say –

Stocks have been “bipolar” and will likely see a pullback in the coming months, Kilburg said.”I think people are getting really cautious and preparing for this summer because there’s going to be more and more tumult,” he said.Jason Pride, director of investment strategy at Glenmede Trust Co., said markets remain on “life support” as the Fed sustains a near-zero interest […]

Stock market is 'horrible', but investors are turning bullish …

The bad news is that we just finished lower for a fourth-straight session. The good news: Hey, at least the market didn’t just add another black crow to the flock. Not the “She Talks to Angels” kind. Rather, the kind that pecks away at positions.Here’s how it works: After a decent stretch, the S&P SPX, +0.24%  started with three trading […]

Four European stock indexes resume trading after glitch …

LONDON (MarketWatch) — The main indexes in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon resumed trading on Thursday, after failing to open at the usual time of 9 a.m. local time. The failure was due a technical incident, a spokesperson from exchange operator Euronext ENX, +0.15% said. In late-morning action, France’s CAC 40 index PX1, +0.25% was up 0.1% at 4,378.16, the […]

TraderFeed: The Golden Age of Trading and Investment–And Its …

Tadas Viskanta, in 2012, made the argument that we are living in a golden age for individual investors because of the availability of data, the increased access to markets, and the ability to trade multiple asset classes and strategies via ETFs. As Tadas observes more recently, costs have come down significantly for individual traders and new ETF products place individual […]

Technical Analysis Drags Down Performance – Rick Ferri

Trying to predict price trends by studying charts is a popular investment technique. In fact, technical analysis is probably the most common form of securities selection because anyone can do it without much training. Predicting that prices will rise because they have been rising is an easy decision. Avoiding securities that have trended down is […]

Chart of the Day: Sentiment Divergence StockTwits Blog

Chart of the Day: Sentiment DivergenceBy ChicagoSean+ (@ChicagoSean) Director Biz Dev @ StockTwits. |
May 8th, 2014

Share on StockTwitsAccording to the American Association of Individual Investors, the four-week moving average of bullish investor sentiment is at it’s lowest level in over a year, yet the S&P 500 and the Dow remain just a whisker […]

Centurion : Still in play – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD …

Centurion, After pull back for past few days, Today it shows another buy signal, support level is obviously at 0.70 and resistant is at 0.795. If you decide to enter, place stop loss 1 or 2 bit below the support level.
Join us in our upcoming seminar to find out how our System can help you spot good […]

ArtsJournal – How Big Data Is Finding Meaning In Meaningless Data

“While traditional data analysis tends to focus on data that has intrinsic, meaningful value, Big Data allows us to aggregate otherwise meaningless data and find insight in the group. By way of analogy, it probably won’t tell us much to observe the individual meanderings of an ant, but when observing the colony together, patterns emerge.”

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ArtsJournal – How Big Data […]