Statistics on Chinese invested in stock-market crash – Business Insider

Stock-market investing in Britain is done mainly by professionals such as fund managers, folks trusted with other people’s money because of their increased understanding of investing. It’s the same way in the US, though Americans are more likely than Brits to maintain a small portfolio of stocks in which they have a personal interest.But millions of ordinary citizens in China […]

Big data: how predictive analytics is taking over the public sector …

Few workplaces might seem more unpredictable in their workload than the emergency department of a major hospital. But even the random circumstances that send patients to the ER start to yield patterns when subjected to new methods of data analysis.For Dr James Lind, director of access and patient flow at Gold Coast Health, clever analysis of admission records by the […]

The Canadian Technician: Upcoming Technical Analysis Events in … January Training Courses: Kick off the new year with a new outlook on the markets. SCU 101 January 17th, 2014 all day SCU 102 January 18th, 2014 all day session will be hosting 2 training courses in Vancouver on January 17 and 18th for those interested in learning how to use the technical charting website […]

Big data project reveals where carbon-stocking projects in Africa …

It is increasingly recognized that climate change has the potential to threaten people and nature, and that it is imperative to tackle the drivers of climate change, namely greenhouse gases. One way to slow climate change is to increase the number of trees on Earth, as they, through photosynthesis, take up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, converting it to carbon […]

Panelists debate the use of “Big Data” in modern technology | Daily …

NewsPanelists debate the use of “Big Data” in modern technologyGirls in Tech hosted a panel of four “Big Data” enthusiasts Thursday evening in Kaprielian Hall to teach students more about the subject of Big …USC alumnus discovers big cat fossils in TibetOn Wednesday, a team of scientists announced that fossil fragments they discovered in Tibet on an expedition begun in […]