Fear These Three Biotech Stocks: AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc …

They say good things come in threes. If so, biotech companies could be in for not just another year of outperformance, but another decade. The first era of biotech was a building phase, when companies created their first blockbuster drugs. The second, current one, has resulted in a four-year rally that reflects the sector’s transition from a cluster of one-hit […]

China's stock-market crash effect – Business Insider

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-HoonA man watching a board showing the graphs of stock prices at a brokerage office in Beijing on July 6.Chinese stocks have been getting hammered recently.After a boom in activity earlier this year, the Shanghai Composite Index has tumbled during July.But China has a bigger problem — in short, the growth of nominal gross domestic product (the size of […]

Statistics on Chinese invested in stock-market crash – Business Insider

Stock-market investing in Britain is done mainly by professionals such as fund managers, folks trusted with other people’s money because of their increased understanding of investing. It’s the same way in the US, though Americans are more likely than Brits to maintain a small portfolio of stocks in which they have a personal interest.But millions of ordinary citizens in China […]

China's stock market crash has got people … – Business Insider

REUTERS/Bobby YipDespite bouncing back today, Chinese stock markets have been in crisis and banks are warning that if efforts to put a floor under the market don’t stick then the turmoil could get as bad as the US crash in 2008 and the debt crisis in Europe in 2012.The main Shanghai Composite collapsed over 30% in the last month, despite repeated attempts by the government to […]

Credit Suisse Raises S&P 500 Target, but Warns of Stock Market …

The bull market is now more than six years old. Equities are trading at what is a historically high premium against earnings, and there has not been a 10% correction in over three years. All of this sets up continued discussions about a stock market bubble or an argument for a big correction — or even a crash.Credit Suisse has […]

China's explosive stock market looks more and more like a bubble …

REUTERS/StringerPupils creating the Chinese flag on a canvas by using their hands dipped in red paint at a primary school in Jinan, Shandong province, in 2009.Foreign cash is streaming into China’s stocks even as the market shows signs of extreme volatility — while analysts pile on to warn that Shanghai equities are in a bubble.Here’s the Financial Times on Friday […]

Biotech Stocks…and Benjamin Graham | Jason Zweig

Posted by Jason Zweig on Mar 30, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Posts |Image credit: Genetically modified Amflora cells, BASF, flickr Creative CommonsBy Jason Zweig11:17 am ET  Mar. 27, 2015In a research note out today, Credit Suisse analysts Ravi Mehrotra, Jason Kantor, Anuj Shah and Jeremiah Shepard write that biotechnology stocks are not in a bubble but “rather in a new […]

This is your big chance to buy biotech, traders say

In fact, biotech stocks have been so strong that “you could see these stocks off another 10 percent from here, and still be in an uptrend,” Johnson said. “We’d be buying these names on the pullback.”The fundamentals also remain supportive of biotech, says David Seaburg, head of equity sales trading with Cowen & Co.”From a valuation perspective, this is not […]

Biotech bubble may just be an optical illusion

Biotech bubble may just be an optical illusion
By iCELL News on March 27, 2015 · Sector
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch)—The stellar performance of biotechnology stocks in the past few years has predictably sparked fears of an impending crash. But for all the talk of a bubble, biotechs are far from being overbought, according to analysts at Credit Suisse.“There are optics suggesting that […]

The biotech sector looks an awful lot like a bubble (IBB, BIIB, AMGN, CS)

Wikimedia CommonsThere is probably a bubble in biotech stocks. In a big note on published on Friday, analysts at Credit Suisse ask if we’re in a biotech bubble, and answer that no, it’s not a bubble, merely a “new era” for biotech stocks. Which is exactly what it sounds like when something is a bubble. Credit Suisse hinges its argument on what it […]