'Buy the dip' is not working – Business Insider

Flickr/Craig LloydMore down than up in the stock market this year.”Buy the dip.”Since the Federal Reserve announced its third quantitative easing program in the fall of 2012, the running joke in the US stock market has been that to make money, all you need to do is buy the dip. But it wasn’t even really a joke: in 2013 and 2014, […]

The $5.6 trillion question in the stock market – Business Insider

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Corporate America has been benefiting from low interest rates, which have kept interest costs low and profit margins fat.So, as the Fed prepares everyone for what could be an era of higher interest rates, investors are left with a big question: what does this mean for all of the debt held by corporations?For one thing, we should remember that […]

The one thing you should remember about the stock-market crash

UBSGross domestic product never went negative in 1987 — even with crazy stock-market drop.The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged a shocking 508 points — or about 22.6% — back on October 19, 1987.But as scary as that drop was, US economic growth was resilient, and gross-domestic-product growth never went negative.If you’re thinking about the 1987 crash in the context of […]

The Daily, Part 1 of 3, 7-11-15

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7/11/2015 Investment House Report
* * * *MARKET ALERTS:Targets hit: None issuedBuy alerts: JACKTrailing stops: None issuedStop alerts: None issuedThe market alert service is a premium level service where we issue intraday alerts relating to the general market conditions, when stocks hit action points (buy, stop, target, etc.), and when we see other information impacting the market or […]

An annotated chart of China's stock market boom … – Business Insider

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The boom and crash of the Chinese stock market has been one of the biggest stories in finance this year.The Shanghai Composite exploded 155% from its 52-week low to its 52-week high 5,178 in June. From there it crashed 32% to 3,507 on Wednesday.It’s trajectory, is peppered with manic milestones and unprecedented government intervention. The latter helped the market […]

The New York Stock Exchange just explained … – Business Insider

WikimediaA software release caused the glitch.A software release caused the blackout at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.According to an update on the NYSE’s website on Thursday, the exchange started rolling out a software release ahead of a scheduled industry test on Saturday.It noted that gateways for customers were updated with the right software at the market open on […]

China car sales drop as stock market plunges – Autoblog

China is taking a one-two punch to the gut as the nation’s previously high-flying economy begins to weaken. First, the stock market there is suddenly collapsing after a major boom. Then just as things are looking bad, the auto industry posted its first sales drop in over two years.According to Bloomberg, citing figures from the China Passenger Car Association, vehicles […]

Jeff Gundlach on Chinese stocks: “It's not good.” – Business Insider

DoubleLine Capital”It’s not good.”According to DoubleLine Funds’ Jeff Gundlach, that’s really the only thing you can say about the boom and crash of the Chinese stock market.Even after its 28% crash since its June high, China’s Shanghai Composite Index is still up around 84% from a year ago.Gundlach, who spoke Tuesday during a webcast for DoubleLine Funds’ investors, said that […]

Citi: China's 'Wall Street Crash' means markets will fall further …

Flickr/IstolethetvChinese markets have fallen by around 30% in three weeks.China’s stock markets are in turmoil right now, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite collapsing 29% in just the last 3 weeks.The collapse closely mirrors the Wall Street Crash in the US in 1929 and the Chinese government has been desperately scrambling to try and stop the fall. The People’s Bank of China […]

Stocks nosedive after Greece says 'no' – Business Insider

FinVizUS stock market futures just started trading after the long weekend, and it’s ugly.S&P 500 futures are down by 31 points or 1.5% in the first few minutes of trading. Dow futures are down 246 points or 1.4%.This comes after Greece’s referendum. Greek voters surprised the world  by voting “No.” In other words, “No” the Greek people do not want […]