Carl Icahn warns on the stock market – Business Insider

Myles Udland

Jun. 24, 2015, 11:47 AM

Wikimedia CommonsCarl Icahn is worried about the market. In consecutive tweets on Tuesday, Icahn said, he thinks the market is “extremely overheated,” particular high-yield bonds, and added that, “If more respected investors had warned about the market in ’07, we might have avoided the crisis in ’08.”This is not, however, the first time Icahn has sent […]

How to make a million – slowly by John Lee

Much as an academic doyen might conclude a famous lecture series by collecting the salient points into a book Lord Lee, the doyen of ISA investment, marks the end of his interesting and informative My Portfolio column in The Financial Times with the publication of this short book. It has much to recommend it.First, we must recognise the authority conferred […]

The problem with stock market charts – Business Insider

David W. Bianchi, “Blue Chip Kids”
May 13, 2015, 3:38 PM

When I was in college I took an economics class where the professor put up a chart showing the historical price movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.He then put up another chart that looked almost identical to the first one. Every time the Dow went up the other chart went […]

Credit Suisse on Biotech’s Nirvana Phase

Credit Suisse on Biotech’s Nirvana Phase
Posted March 27, 2015 by Joshua M Brown
There’s a really interesting piece of research out from Credit Suisse in which Ravi Mehrotra & Co lay out an “It’s different this time” thesis that seeks to explain why the huge rally in biotech stocks is justified and possibly not over yet.
They note that there are indeed […]

The Last Mamis Letter: “Stock Market Survival & the Meaning of Life …

Justin Mamis is a famed technician and legendary strategist. His book When to Sell was one of the first to address that obviously important but oft overlooked aspect of trading & investing.He is now 85, and after a long career observing markets, is finally retiring. He has graciously made his final commentary available for the public as he sails off […]

3 Cheap Stocks That Are Great Deep Value Investment Ideas …

John Templeton was one of the first US investors to engage in a more global attempt to find potentially profitable stocks.
Templeton was a value investor, and he scoured the globe in search of bargains. His investors won big, earning 14.5 percent annually on average from 1954 to 1992.
Today, global value investing is much more common. Many foreign stocks are very […]

Technical Analysis: how to use a 'cup and handle' to buy funds …

Technical analysis is the study of price charts used by investors to determine when to buy and sell investments.Technical analysis has a long history of application to shares in companies.But, as Stephen Sutherland, co-founder of ISACO, an investment adviser in Manchester, explains in this video interview, technical analysis can also be applied to funds.Gavin: Hello, at Citywire we spend a lot […]

Bright Lights, Big Data: Culturomics and Results-Based Reading …

Until about six months ago, when I finally fled the sinking ship of my academic career for the precarious lifeboat of freelance writing, I worked on the top floor of a sleek, contemporary building in the center of Dublin called the Long Room Hub. High and airy, it overlooked the venerable panorama of Trinity College. The building was intended as […]

MLK Day | Social Media Today

Martin Luther King, Jr. had many dreams. A unifier and peaceful warrior whose warmth and strength made him a compelling leader, he may also have foreseen the future— as we know it today—while writing his last book, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, which was published nearly half a century ago. With our current social systems […]

Reiterating My Big Cap Stock Thesis: Swing Trading – Seeking Alpha

The main theme from Intel’s (INTC) latest quarterly results is that corporate sales have not been high enough to rejuvenate Intel’s revenue in the face of lower PC sales. It seems we are still in a transitional period, whereby more and more people are using mobile devices to hook to the internet and less from a desktop PC. I do […]