Etsy prices shares at $16 for stock market debut –

Etsy priced its shares at $16 ahead of its Thursday Wall Street debut for the online marketplace known for handicrafts and strong social values.

The share price valued Etsy at $1.78 billion and promised to raise about $267 million for the Brooklyn, New York-based firm.
The stock is set to trade on the Nasdaq market Thursday under the symbol “ETSY.”
Etsy was founded […]

How Adam Feuerstein Follows The Biotech Sector

View photo.Anyone who trades or invests in biotech stocks knows how volatile they can be, according to Adam Feuerstein.Feuerstein is a senior columnist for, and he recently joined Benzinga’s #PreMarket Prep to talk about how he keeps track of what’s going on in the biotech sector.“I think the most important thing for investors in the biotech sector is just […]

Peter Lynch on Stock Market LossesPragmatic Capitalism …

By Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense
“Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections, or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves.” – Peter Lynch
 I recently came across an old Peter Lynch interview for Frontline on PBS from the mid-1990s. In it the legendary former mutual fund manager discusses a wide range […]

Indian Stock Market at its Highest – Ludwig von Mises Institute Canada

The world is watching the ongoing election for India’s federal government, the biggest voting exercise ever, with 814 million people eligible to vote. Narendra Modi is seen as the next Prime Minister (PM). In anticipation of a major expected positive shift in the economy, Indian stock market has gone to its highest ever. The rupee has been strengthening. Is India, […]

Tragedy Survey: A Sentiment Analysis «DIS Magazine

Amanda ToddAmanda Todd confesses her cyber bullying struggle on Youtube prior to her suicideIllia writes:I watched Amanda Todd’s video… so sad. I hadn’t heard about this story but I’m well aware about the bullying campaigns that are going on around now. It’s bittersweet that people are becoming more aware of these issues. Teens and Young Adults are easily subjected to […]

Big Brother and the big data dividend – diginomica

Satya Nadella, MicrosoftMicrosoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella conjured up some evocative language to stir enthusiasm for big data and the Internet of Things at the launch of SQL Server 2014 in San Francisco this week:
“The core evolution of silicon, software and hardware is putting computing everywhere humans are present. And it’s generating a massive data exhaust of server logs, sensor […]

Bright Lights, Big Data: Culturomics and Results-Based Reading …

Until about six months ago, when I finally fled the sinking ship of my academic career for the precarious lifeboat of freelance writing, I worked on the top floor of a sleek, contemporary building in the center of Dublin called the Long Room Hub. High and airy, it overlooked the venerable panorama of Trinity College. The building was intended as […]

DNA + Fossils = The Big Data of Life | In Their Own Words | Big Think

What’s incredible about genomics is its ability to get a lot of data really fast in a way that can be analyzed in very useful ways. So when you think about a museum – that is where our culture stores and preserves all the samples of all the rest of the types of life on the planet. We have […]

It's Not Too Late to Return the Social to Social Media

Image via BigStockPhotoThe social industry should be ashamed of itself: Failed promise. Failed mission. #Fail. We must save ourselves — now.Here’s what I mean: Three years ago, while I was still at, CEO Marc Benioff wrote “The Facebook Imperative.” It was a manifesto that urged enterprises to tap into the power of social media so that employees could more easily collaborate and share […]

BigData-Startups | Ford drives in the right direction with big data

Print PDF“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”, the famous quote by Henry Ford. Nowadays, Ford uses big data to find out what their customers want and to develop better cars faster. Developing a product that requires 20.000 – 25.000 different parts to develop, big data seems to be the only way forward […]