Stock Market Outlook: Volatility Creates Pockets of Opportunity

Oil Price Crash Brings Pain, and Opportunity, for Energy InvestorsAs of this writing in mid-December, the S&P 500 is trading near all-time highs, but that figure understates the extent of recent volatility. Energy stocks are down by nearly 25% over the past three months, and there are now 37 energy companies carrying Morningstar’s 5-star rating. That’s compared with just 10 […]

Apple's iPhone 6 Stirs Up Techies' Social Sentiment

Tim Cook stated, “it is the next chapter in Apple’s story” as the technology giant revealed their latest batch of high-end consumer technology products, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch at the Flint Performing Arts Center in Cupertino, California. The live-streamed event was visible around the world and millions responded almost instantly via social media, speaking along a series […]

Helping SMEs fish the Big Data ocean – European Commission

In its Communication on the data-driven economy, the European Commission outlines a raft of measures aimed at helping SMEs exploit Big Data to win new commercial opportunities.Think of Big Data and the image is of oceans of infinitesimal bytes of disparate information even the largest corporations struggle to manage. The stats are overwhelming. Every single minute, the world is said […]

Chat Bots and Big Data – Hyperallergic

OAKLAND, Calif. — With our data-driven lives, so much of what we do can be seen through the lens of algorithms. One algorithm can predict if your relationship will fail by using your Facebook data. Another can anticipate movie profits thanks to tweet patterns. There’s one for predicting red light runners based on the car’s rate of deceleration. Or even when […]

Big Data for Health: Promises & Perils › From The Lab Bench – SciLogs

As described by Watched: A Wall Street Journal Privacy Report [1], big data is becoming ubiquitous, providing scientists, politicians and commercial entities alike data about us that we never thought they’d know. From the phones in our pockets to the trails we leave as we browse the web, our data provides information about our locations, our habits, our friends, our hobbies, […]