Letting Go of Control: Social Media Signage and User Generated …

Guest Post: Ryan Gushue, EnplugOne of the oft repeated axioms in the industry is “Content is King.” You may have a flawless hardware implementation and a perfect software configuration — but without a comprehensive content strategy, your project is destined for mediocrity.Traditional solutions to this issue range from paying a content provider, to licensing stock signage fodder, to dedicating in-house […]

Zettaset offers simpler big data security for the enterprise – BetaNews

Companies are increasingly keen to take advantage of the insights that big data can offer. But this does lead to problems with controlling access and keeping the data secure in a way that works with existing systems.Big data security specialist Zettaset is now making its Orchestrator product available as a standalone offering. This will allow customers to take the whole […]

Why Focusing on Valuable Data—not Big Data—can Help Boost …

Big Data has been all the rage. But fast data, even if it is small, can be more valuable than complicated masses of information.Here’s why: All the focus on “bigger is better” has overlooked the fact that most Big Data segments have not been validated with a business application or value.Instead, for marketers looking to make an impact by the […]

Turning Social Sentiment Into Opportunity – Dynamics Café: CRM …

Are people saying Your Brand SUX on social media?Did you know that 44% of today’s consumers complain via social media?For most organizations, fear of negative publicity is a major reason they have yet to embrace the power of social media. But, whether you’re online or not, your customers and prospects are. So, how should you respond to contain the situation, […]

How To Improve Your Online Reviews | Social Media Today

When it comes to bad online reviews and negative brand sentiment, i’ve got a fair bit of experience in the area. I spent 18 months working for a prominent online retailer, who over the years, had managed to amass a startling number of dissatisfied customers. This dissatisfaction manifested itself in a veritable avalanche of negative reviews and sentiment. Before any […]

Social media analytics tools allow businesses to see customer …

You want to learn what your customers are saying about your company, but don’t have an extensive marketing team to mine the endless troves of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fear not, business owner. This is the perfect opportunity for you to invest in social media software to provide you with the insights you covet in real time. A recent report from Frost […]

Social Media Analytics Gain Popularity as Need to Gauge …

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Dec. 19, 2013 – Companies are recognizing the value of social media as a marketing and brand management tool, as well as customer service and support channel. Social media is also becoming a core consumer and business-user forum. Consequently, social media analytics emerged as a popular tool to measure social-site traffic, but more importantly, to obtain […]

'Upstairs' and Off-Limits: Fastest Growing Area of Trading Is Unfair

For as long as stocks have been changing hands, it’s been clear that very large trades required special attention and handling. It’s one thing to simply buy 100 or 500 or even 5,000 shares of a stock, but it’s an entirely different thing to try and buy or sell a million shares or more.As a result block trading, or special […]

(NASDAQ:AMZN) Accenture (NYSE:ACN), McDermott International (NASDAQ:AMZN) announced Black Friday deals will start a day earlier this year, beginning on Sunday, November 24, with new daily deals — as often as every ten minutes. Customers can also enjoy free shipping on millions of eligible items including leading electronics and some of the most anticipated toys, or unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping on more than 15 million […]