The Diversification Dividend

by Lars Kroijer, The CFA InstituteThe world equity portfolio is the most diversified equity portfolio available — or as I described it in my last post, “the cheapest, broadest, most tax-efficient index tracker of aggregate world equity markets” an investor can find.In order to get a sense of the overall benefits of diversification in a given domestic market, consider the following chart:Printer-friendly […]

Letting Go of Control: Social Media Signage and User Generated …

Guest Post: Ryan Gushue, EnplugOne of the oft repeated axioms in the industry is “Content is King.” You may have a flawless hardware implementation and a perfect software configuration — but without a comprehensive content strategy, your project is destined for mediocrity.Traditional solutions to this issue range from paying a content provider, to licensing stock signage fodder, to dedicating in-house […]

Fortune: Female-Led Businesses Beat the Stock Market, But Their …

Ursula Burns, chairman and CEO, Xerox.According to a recent Fortune study, the number of women CEOs in the Fortune 500 is at its highest total yet at 24 (51 in the Fortune 1,000).Despite this overall low number, Fortune illustrated some interesting trends, including data that shows that women-led businesses posted better returns than the stock market and generated more than their share […]

Farm Data Means Big Bucks for Big Data Firms · Environmental …

June 24, 2014Farm Data Means Big Bucks for Big Data FirmsBig Data companies such as Deere & Co and Monsanto’s Climate Corporation, which have partnered with farmers, retain ultimate control over growers’ field data they collect that could be worth billions — and that doesn’t sit well with farmers, Reuters reports.The companies’ tools help with precision planting, improved fuel efficiency, […]

IBM Big Data Improves Agricultural Efficiency – Environmental Leader

April 25, 2014IBM Big Data Improves Agricultural EfficiencyIBM’s weather forecasting technology will help Georgia farmers improve agricultural efficiency by up to 20 percent, the company says.The Flint River Partnership (which includes the Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and The Nature Conservancy) tapped IBM big data to enable smarter irrigation. Working with the University […]

The Data Economy : Microsoft's cautious Big Data vision …

The Data Economy is an analysis column by Wikibon Senior Analyst Jeff Kelly covering the business of Big Data.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on theCUBE in June 2013.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella kicked off this morning’s Microsoft Big Data event in San Francisco with talk of “ambient intelligence,” the need for a data culture in the enterprise, and something called the data […]

Who's hitching their wagons to which Big Data frameworks …

Who’s who in  Big Data? More specifically, who’s hitching their wagons to which frameworks in their efforts to establish Big Data solutions in the enterprise? That’s one question we set out to answer during last week’s BigDataSV event, asking industry leaders and analysts what they’re seeing in the market. Three that were mentioned most include HBase, MapR, and YARN. All […]

Monstrous mobile SEO implications, thanks to Big Data …

I’m going to tell you something, and it isn’t going to be anything you haven’t already heard. Mobile is getting so big it’s likely going to increase the ‘Internet’ by more than double in the next few years. I’m only 30 and I can walk into a high school and see everyone with a laptop, smartphone out, snapchatting their Instagram […]

Stock Market Forecast – Business Insider

Library of CongressI have recently expressed a cautious view of the stock market.
Specifically, I’ve said I think the odds of a sharp decline (“crash”) are increasing. And I think the odds are very good that stocks will provide lousy returns from this level over the next 7-10 years.Well, most people are bullish about the stock market these days (because the […]