Visual control of big data | MIT News Office

In the age of big data, visualization tools are vital. With a single glance at a graphic display, a human being can recognize patterns that a computer might fail to find even after hours of analysis.But what if there are aberrations in the patterns? Or what if there’s just a suggestion of a visual pattern that’s not distinct enough to […]

Forms of Technical Analysis – EarnForex

In my opinion, there are four basic forms of technical analysis that are used to publish technical analysis by experts for other Forex market participants:Text
Static charts
Audio broadcasts
You can see the examples of text technical analysis published every Saturday in this blog. The benefit of such form is the exact price levels that do not offer any opportunity for inaccurate reading. […]

Big data just got its Tricorder | Splunk Blogs

In Star Trek a Tricorder is described as:“A Tricorder is a multifunction hand-held device useful for data sensing, analysis, and recording data, with many specialized abilities which make it an asset to crews aboard starships and space stations as well as on away missions”.I’m happy to announce the launch of the Splunk Mobile App, which unofficially I’m calling the “Big […]

Western Union uses big data to stop wire transfer fraud – VentureBeat

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]]>Big data is coming to the rescue in stopping fraud in wire transfers, according to Western Union’s chief information officer.David Thompson, CIO and executive vice president of global operations and technology, said in a fireside chat at VentureBeat’s DataBeat 2014 conference that the company has to tap massive databases to sort through customer information and figure out the […]

Looker brings big data sets to your dashboard | VentureBeat | Big …

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]]>Big data software outfit Looker has launched a new data-exploration platform — a way to visualize and sort massive amounts of big data.The Santa Cruz, Calif.-based company, which specializes in big data analytics for enterprise, said its product will allow analysts to manipulate and explore big data sets with ease.Like New Relic? Well, yes. Sure. More on that later.Weeding through relevant […]

Enabling Expert Data Visualization Interfaces by Non-Visualization …

By Ted Benson, MIT CSAILAn important problem in the era of data-driven science and business is that skilled professionals like geneticists or economists cannot create and publish high-quality interactive data visualizations without technical assistance.  Even simple tasks, such as publishing a dataset for interactive browsing, often require knowledge of computer programming.The usability of creating and publishing high-quality data exploration interfaces […]

The next big thing in 'big data' jobs: Dataviz – Ask Annie -Fortune …

Short for data visualization, it’s the art (and science) of putting numbers into graphics that are easy to understand and use. Here’s how to get ready for it.FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I’m graduating at the end of this month with a major in marketing, and I’ll be starting a great new job as a marketing and brand-management trainee at a big […]

Datameer Update Brings Instant Visualization To Big Data Analytics …

Datameer’s latest update has an interesting twist, literally. As you can see by the GIF above, as you work with data in Datameer’s analytics tool, when you click a button, the screen turns revealing a visualization of the data on-screen in real time.If you see a mistake, explained Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf, you can turn it again, adjust your data and then […]

Big interest in Big Data – Knight Foundation

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The social sector is undergoing an important transformation when it comes to research and evaluation. Nonprofits have shifted from asking whether they should measure their work to how to most effectively assess impact. Coupled with the emergence of new approaches for collecting and analyzing data, there’s never been more interest […]

Beware of Sentiment Pies – Just Drive Media

Social Media AnalysisPosted by John WinkleOne of the most valuable insights gained from social listening is sentiment surrounding your brand.  What do people like about your products and services?  What ticks them off?  What do they not care about?  Where is sentiment about your brand headed?  What do these same people think about your competitors?Accurate analysis can provide a wealth […]