Toby Connor: Manipulation negates technical analysis of gold …

12:07p ET Monday, August 25, 2014Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:Gold market letter writer Toby Connor’s latest commentary acknowledges that technical analysis doesn’t work with the price of gold anymore because of heavy manipulation by “the powers in the paper market.” Connor’s commentary is headlined “Manipulation Is Still Alive and Well in the Gold Market” and it’s posted at his […]

Big Data Innovation Summit 2014 Toronto: Day 1 Highlights

Highlights from the presentations by Big Data leaders from TD Bank, Public Health Ontario and First Nations Education Steering Committee on day 1 of Big Data Innovation Summit 2014 in Toronto, Canada. By Anmol Rajpurohit, @hey_anmol, Aug 6, 2014.As many organizations are now working with unmanageably large data sets, the importance of using and maintaining an analytics platform which can cope […]

Ontario police's Big Data assigns secret guilt to people looking for …

SHARESTUMBLEThere are no effective legal limits on when and to whom police can disclose unproven charges against you, 911 calls involving mental health incidents, and similar sensitive and prejudicial information; people have been denied employment, been turned back at the US border and suffered many other harms because Ontario cops send this stuff far and wide. Included in the information […]

Big Data should not be a faith-based initiative – Boing Boing

The debate is a hot one, and a lot of non-technical privacy regulators have been led on by sweet promises from the companies that they regulate about the possibility of creating booming markets in highly sensitive personal data that is somehow neutralized through a magic “de-identification” process that lets information about, say, the personal lives of cancer patients be bought […]

Tweed Marijuana Inc. fourth most-traded stock on TSX Friday …

Tweed Marijuana Inc., the first publicly traded Canadian producer of the drug, rose from its private placement price as it began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Tweed rose to $2.52 at 2:07 p.m. in Toronto Friday, up 183% from the issue price of 89 cents based on a private placement on March 7. The shares sank from an opening price […]

Soaring High Without Big Data – Ludwig von Mises Institute Canada

Now that the U.S. government shutdown is behind us it is instructive to review what we went without for those weeks. Recently writing for the Financial Times, Robin Harding reported that experts feared that the U.S. government would be “flying blind” without access to the big data collected by the government, and which was imperiled by the shutdown.We would have been […]