Why Chinese stock markets are crashing – Business Insider

REUTERS/Laszlo BaloghThe men’s 3m springboard preliminary diving competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.Chinese stock markets are in complete collapse right now, with the main Shanghai Composite index losing 30% of its value in just the past three weeks. The turmoil is now starting to spread to other Asian markets and global commodities markets.The reason behind the crash is this: […]

Left Behind Games executive fined millions by the SEC, banned …

A Hawaii district court has brought judgment against Ronald Zaucha, the chief executive officer of Left Behind Games and developer of the Christian-themed real-time strategy titles by the same name, the United States Securities and Exchange Commision said in a litigation release yesterday. Zaucha is liable for $2.6 million dollars in “disgorgement, interest and penalties,” and has been permanently banned […]

Candy Crush Is Turning Into The Next Stock Market Disaster

Zynga learned the hard way that relying on one hit game would kill a company if the farm ever went arid. Now King Digital is proving to be another disastrous one-hit wonder with their increasingly unpopular game Candy Crush Saga.…“There Is No Evil Scheme Behind It”: A Q&A with Candy Crush Games Guru“There Is No Evil Scheme Behind It”: A […]

5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Trading – The Lincoln List

5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About TradingEducation, Camaraderie, Support. Join A Winning TeamFree trial available. Click here to Trade With Us Free You will pay a tuition –I hate to say this because its a buzkill but there are no shortcuts in this business. If you expect to succeed you’re going to have to pay a tuition or in other […]

The Impact Of The World Cup On Stock Markets, In One Chart | Zero …

What “harsh weather”, aka completely unpredictable cold snaps and snow during the winter were to Q1 US GDP, which somehow cratered from an expected 2.5% increase to a -2.9% collapse (a $200 billion negative swing in the US economy due to weather, let that sink in for a second), the Brazil world cup may be to the stock market. At […]

Resting at support level – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD …

DeClout, the chart looks nice, previously it moves up slowly until recently, there are some activities that push the price up, immediate support level 0.26, can consider to accumulate some at this level, depending how much risk can you take, the next support level 0.23. If enter, place stop loss 1-2 bids below support levelCompany Background

Stocks lower on consumer spending, sentiment data « Artesia News

Trader John Santiago, right, works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Friday, May 30, 2014. Two negative reports on U.S. consumers were pushing stocks lower in early trading Friday. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks were mostly unchanged Friday as investors reacted to two negative economic reports that focused on U.S. consumers. Lions Gate Entertainment plunged […]

Big data and education: Withered inBloom | The Economist

A FEW years ago a group of American educators got together to talk about a common problem. School systems were being swamped by data—like every other sector of the economy. And like other industries, they had no idea how to respond. But unlike businesses, most schools aren’t competitors. So they looked at how they could team up to solve their […]

Shanky's Technical Analysis and Market Commentary: 1/2/14

Shanky’s Technical Analysis and Market Commentary: Morning Charts – Let the Games Begin – 1/2/14 SPC /ES

Morning Charts – Let the Games Begin – 1/2/14 SPC /ES
I don’t do predictions posts, but I hope to have my thoughts together by Monday for 2014. Pretty sure I will call this the year of conspiracy fact where the truth is […]

Sentiment Analysis for social media and marketing – Digital Surgeons

In 1975, two New York inventors created the mood ring. The ring contained an element that changed color dependent on your mood. It skyrocketed in popularity and such rings are still sold today. Mood rings reflect your mood as much as twitter bots and strippers actually like your personality: not at all. Is sentiment analysis the mood ring of the […]