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01Jun, 2015The Cure For Stock Market Fragmentation·The WSJ has an op-ed today titled “The Cure for Stock-Market Fragmentation: More Exchanges” which was written by Jonathan Macey (a Yale law professor) and David Swensen (Yale’s Chief Investment Officer).  The article tackles what we believe is the number one problem with the US equity market: fragmentation.  The authors sum up this problem in a […]

Stock-market gains are making us dangerously complacent …

During a recent chat with a long-time investing-minded friend, the topic naturally drifted to the recent strong market performance and what that meant for our goals.Perhaps like many others, our goals can be broken up into two separate but related hopes. One, the mildly optimistic version, is that we save and generate enough investment returns to retire comfortably — live […]

Lincoln Alerts Stocks For 7.25.14 – The Lincoln List

Lincoln Alerts Stocks For 7.25.14Another Stellar Day 10 for 13 on Alerts with +2k in gains! Join Our Live Trade Room.Free trial available. Click here to Trade With Us Free New Post: +1600 in 15 min. $PBYI seals the deal.Boy what a week it has been. We have seen some great volatility come back into the market with great plays on […]

Lincoln Alerts Stocks For 7.24.14 – The Lincoln List

Lincoln Alerts Stocks For 7.24.14Back to Back 2500 days! Join Our Live Trade Room.Free trial available. Click here to Trade With Us Free New Post: +1600 in 15 min. $PBYI seals the deal.$NQ $ARIA $BIOF $CERNNQThis stock was all doom and gloom about four days ago but it’s put in a wicked bounce to say the least. Judging from the chart […]

Lincoln Alerts Stocks for 7.17.14 – The Lincoln List

Lincoln Alerts Stocks for 7.17.14 Need Help Trading? Join Our Live Trade Room.Free trial available. Click here to Trade With Us Free Do you want to be rich? Here are 21 of the richest people in the world.Watchlist $NEWL $KNDI $TSM $UALNEWLAlthough hard to see on this chart this was a big 100% plus mover off a 1-50 stock split. I know they dont […]

So what if the stock market is rigged? – – MSN Money

There have been claims about the market being rigged for institutions and against individual investors for years, but they have become much louder since the release of Michael Lewis’s best-selling book “Flash Boys,” which details how high-frequency traders have wormed their way into the market, developing an information edge that gives them a window of milliseconds where they can front-run […]

15 Penny Stock Rules I've Used To Earn Six Figures/Year …

Share”/>EmailShare”/>EmailThis is a long blog post, but trust me it’s worth it as it took me 15 years of trial error to be able to write this…and it will change your life as it has mine.In the first 3.5 months of 2014, I’m up nearly $500,000 in trading profits, EVERY trade detailed HERE, it’s been the best start to a […]

Scott Adams Blog: Of Course the Stock Market is Rigged 01/24/2014

As I watch the stock markets melt down this week, I think back to my earlier post in which I made the case that manipulation in any field will always occur when you have these conditions:1. Huge potential profit2. Small chance of getting caught3. Easy to do I’ll add a fourth element today: […]

So You Missed The Entire Stock Market Rally … – Business Insider

Reuters/Joe Traver2013 was a ridiculously good year for the stock market.
The S&P 500 had its largest gain 16 years and returned 30% to investors. The Dow had its biggest gain in 18 years.But many investors still reeling from the financial crisis, chose to stay on the sidelines and missed out on one of the biggest years for the stock market.In […]

Big Data Has Transformative Potential – Business Insider

BIIThe world is awash in data, with mobile driving the latest surge in data volume. This is being touted as great news for every aspect of business. Big data is seen as a way to improve productivity at every level of a company, give brands exact ad targeting capability, and help make healthcare and government more efficient.But there’s a big […]