United Therapeutics and GlycoMimetics

Going down the list of stocks in the IBB, my next stop was United Therapeutics (UTHR). I spent about a day doing research and wrote up my conclusions for Seeking Alpha:United Therapeutics Appears UndervaluedI concluded I did not want to buy UTHR at the present time. Buying it a year ago would have been smart, but then a lot of […]

TraderFeed: Assessing Demand and Supply in the Stock Market

TraderFeed: Assessing Demand and Supply in the Stock Market

Assessing Demand and Supply in the Stock MarketBy now readers are aware that measures I track closely are buying pressure (demand) in the market versus selling pressure (supply). My measures are derived from a decomposition of the NYSE TICK, which is issued by the New York Stock exchange. The TICK is a […]

Weakening Breadth and Rising Volatility in the Stock Market

Here are the reasons I am cautious about the stock market at this juncture:1) We are seeing good buying activity in stocks, as gauged by the NYSE TICK which has been making new highs on a cumulative basis. Among the large caps (top chart), that buying activity is no longer able to give us fresh price highs. (Credit for the […]

Stock-market gains are making us dangerously complacent …

During a recent chat with a long-time investing-minded friend, the topic naturally drifted to the recent strong market performance and what that meant for our goals.Perhaps like many others, our goals can be broken up into two separate but related hopes. One, the mildly optimistic version, is that we save and generate enough investment returns to retire comfortably — live […]

MIB Forecast July 30, 2014, Technical Analysis » Fx Empire Network

Get Forex buy/sell signals directly to your email and by SMS.To learn more click hereThe MIB as you can see went back and forth during the session on Tuesday, ultimately hanging about the 21,000 level. We think that this market is continuing to go higher eventually, and as a result break above the highs for the Tuesday session would in […]

The Basics of Stock Trading | HollyKAI

Stock TradingStock trading is taking on the world with lightning speed. It is potentially one of the most profitable investment initiations available in today’s intensely volatile financial markets. Stock trading is not something you should enter into lightly. When it comes to stock trading or investing in stocks, most individuals are not at all prepared, or aware of what the […]

How To Trade In Stocks As A Beginner! | Little Miss Moi

Buying Stocks And Options Is Easier Than Buying An Item At A Fire Sale…To a beginner looking at stocks to invest in, the stock market can seem to be rather daunting and extremely challenging. Fortunately, the fact that equities over perform cash and any other bonds  make investing in stocks over medium and long term periods easy and more fruitful.The […]

Tuesday, February 04, 2014 – Fallond Stock Picks

After yesterday’s action it was no surprise to see markets claw back a small amount of those losses. Buying volume dropped, a trend which has been apparent since the failure of the S&P to break above 1,850. Technicals in the S&P are oversold, offering am opportunity for a bounce with relative strength swinging sharply in favour of this index.
The Nasdaq […]

Cramer: Will market reward brave investors? –

The “Mad Money” host also noted that facing the fear in Netflix was also a winning trade. “We’ve often said Netflix stock is a buy on a pullback if you are lucky enough to get one. Yesterday, we got lucky.” In just one day shares popped almost 7% with the sell-off generating an attractive point of […]