Bad Day at the Stock Market, Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz, Dr. Dre Is …

Bad Day at the Stock Market, Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz, Dr. Dre Is Sorry: P.M. Links
Robby Soave|Aug. 21, 2015 4:30 pm


ABC News screenshotThe Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 500 points on Friday.
Actress Ellen Page, who came out as gay last year, ambushed Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. They argued about gay issues.
Dr. Dre issued an apology for […]

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There are a number of companies that receive much attention from media types and are better known for their investment prowess, including Netflix, Priceline and Chipotle.But today, among these, I will point to Priceline ($PCLN) as a potential short-time mover. The reason is that its weekly “Bollinger Bandwidth” is squeezed and pointing to a huge volatility expansion shortly.Please note below its weekly chart…In addition, its […]

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Learn To Trade Penny StocksHello Traders and welcome to the home of SuperNova Elite premium newsletter. The focus of my service is to teach people how to trade penny stocks and how to profit from penny stocks.I have been in the stock market for over 15 years and the majority of those years have focused on teaching, giving live […]

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In How to Trade in Stocks, Jesse Livermore discussed “the folly of trying to find out a good reason why you should buy or sell a given stock.”He wrote in the context of the behavior of U.S. stocks, whose four major sectors – including steel makers – had risen after World War 2 began. While other sectors continued to advance, […]