Bad Day at the Stock Market, Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz, Dr. Dre Is …

Bad Day at the Stock Market, Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz, Dr. Dre Is Sorry: P.M. Links
Robby Soave|Aug. 21, 2015 4:30 pm


ABC News screenshotThe Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 500 points on Friday.
Actress Ellen Page, who came out as gay last year, ambushed Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. They argued about gay issues.
Dr. Dre issued an apology for […]

ATHEX: Stock market to close for at least a week | Business …

The Capital Market Commission is expected to announce in the early hours of Monday the closure of the Greek stock exchange for at least a week, as financial activity in the country grinds to a halt.Following Sunday’s decision by the Systemic Stability Council (which includes the head of the Capital Market Commission) in favor of the week-long closure of the […]

Fed Abandons Stock Markets In 2015, Watch Out – SPDR S&P 500 …

SummaryThe powerful rallies of 2013 and 2014 were driven by extreme Fed money printing to buy up bonds, and the Fed’s associated implied backstop for the stock markets.
But with QE3’s new buying terminated and any QE4 a political impossibility with the new Republican Congress, 2015 is going to look vastly different without QE.
With the Fed’s balance sheet and zeroed interest […]

Cyber Ring Stole Secrets for Gaming U.S. Stock Market: FireEye …

Security researchers say they have uncovered a cyber espionage ring focused on stealing corporate secrets for the purpose of gaming the stock market, in an operation that has compromised sensitive data about dozens of publicly held companies. Cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc, which disclosed the operation on Monday, said that since the middle of last year, the group has attacked email […]

Points of Light: How nonprofits are using big data – Knight Foundation

Points of light (cc) by James Marvin Phelps.
Last week I attended the Points of Light National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Aptly named “Service Unites,” it gathered more than 5,000 leaders from the nonprofit, corporate and civic sectors to learn and help shape the future of volunteerism. These changemakers from across the country were examining how to put civic engagement […]

U.S. Treasury Bonds, Gold And The Stock Market – iShares 20+ Year …

SummaryOur monthly “Continuum” chart anticipated a misstep for the “Great Rotation” crowd.

Yields are now approaching support, and we are no longer bullish on T bonds.

Beyond nominal bond considerations, […]

Big Data New Year's Resolutions for 2014 | Splunk Blogs

Happy New Year! I hope it was relaxing, restful and slightly over-indulgent. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering if you can stick to any New Year’s resolutions unlike last year (less chocolate, more exercise, less time glued to my mobile phone, better jokes, improved punctuation etc.) So far this year (six days in) I’ve managed to succeed in […]

QE and the Stock Market – The "Taper" Is Here… This Is What You …

QE and the Stock Market – The “Taper” Is Here… This Is What You Need to Know

Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2013Dec 19, 2013 – 03:17 PM GMTBy: DailyWealth

Porter Stansberry writes: We knew it would happen eventually… so now what?Yesterday, I explained how the Federal Reserve’s quantitative-easing programs have transferred enormous wealth into the […]