A simple proposal to kill high frequency trading in the stock market …

from Trond AndresenDue to technological possiblities, success in stock market trading has increasingly become dependent on being at the front of a rat race in software, computing capacity and fast optical cable connections. While the firms whose stock is traded obviously do not change their prospects over time horizons shorter than days or even months, to win in the stock […]

Earth Science Data Analysis in the Era of Big Data | Earthzine

Earth Science Data Analysis in the Era of Big DataBy Kuo, et al , posted on April 4th, 2014 in Informatics Theme K.-S. Kuo1,2, T. L. Clune2, R. Ramachandran31. Bayesics, LLC, Bowie, Maryland2. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland3. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AlabamaAn illustration of data. Image Credit: r2hox.Anyone with even a cursory interest in information […]

This big data company has Hollywood DNA – Fortune Tech

Want to work at Tableau Software? You might have to get an Academy Award first.FORTUNE — Most big data companies don’t recruit Hollywood types, and most weren’t co-founded by executives with three Academy Awards under their belt.Tableau Software (DATA), a Seattle-based provider of data visualization tools, is a little bit different. Founded by Pat Hanrahan, an early employee at Pixar Animation Studios, along […]

Big Data Hubris: Google Flu versus reality – Boing Boing

Big Data Hubris: Google Flu versus realityCory Doctorow at 6:00 pm Mon, Mar 24, 2014

In The Parable of Google Flu:
Traps in Big Data Analysis [PDF], published in Science, researchers try to understand why Google Flu (which uses search history to predict flu outbreaks) performed so well at first but has not done well since. One culprit: people […]

Google's Big Data Flu Flop. In the Pipeline: – In the Pipeline – Corante

Some of you may remember the “Google Flu” effort, where the company was going to try to track outbreaks of influenza in the US by mining Google queries. There was never much clarification about what terms, exactly, they were going to flag as being indicative of someone coming down with the flu, but the hype (or hope) at the time […]

Volkswagen: Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Brother | Re/code

Given the vast amounts of data that will be collected by the cars of the future, strict protections are needed to prevent government intrusion, the chairman of Volkswagen Group said on Sunday.“The car must not become a data monster,” Martin Winterkorn said, at the start of the CeBit trade show in Germany. Car makers already protect drivers from hydroplaning, fatigue […]

March-June Analytics, Big Data and Data Science Meetings

Coming soon: PAW San Francisco, GigaOM Structure, Predictive Analytics/Big Data Innovation Summits, Big Data Techcon, INFORMS Boston, SPB 14, SDM 14, PASS Business Analytics, PAKDD 2014, and many more.
By Gregory Piatetsky, Mar 4, 2014.
Here are upcoming 45 March – June 2014 meetings and conferences.
You can find the full list on KDnuggets page:

Meetings / Conferences on Analytics, […]

[1403.0017] Intensional RDB Manifesto: a Unifying NewSQL Model …

Computer Science > Databases
Intensional RDB Manifesto: a Unifying NewSQL Model for Flexible Big DataAuthors:Zoran Majkic(Submitted on 28 Feb 2014)
Abstract: In this paper we present a new family of Intensional RDBs (IRDBs) which
extends the traditional RDBs with the Big Data and flexible and ‘Open schema’
features, able to preserve the user-defined relational database schemas and all
preexisting user’s applications containing the SQL statements […]

[1402.6010] Tripartite Graph Clustering for Dynamic Sentiment …

Computer Science > Social and Information Networks
Tripartite Graph Clustering for Dynamic Sentiment Analysis on Social MediaAuthors:Linhong Zhu,
Aram Galstyan,
James Cheng,
Kristina Lerman(Submitted on 24 Feb 2014 (v1), last revised 26 Feb 2014 (this version, v2))
Abstract: The growing popularity of social media (e.g, Twitter) allows users to easily
share information with each other and influence others by expressing their own
sentiments […]

2014/02/20 Big Mechanism Seeks the “Whys” Hidden in Big Data

February 20, 2014Program aims to leapfrog state-of-the-art big data analytics by developing automated technologies to help explain the causes and effects that drive complicated systems During the 1854 cholera epidemic in London, Dr. John Snow plotted cholera deaths on a map, and in the corner of a particularly hard-hit quadrangle of buildings was a water pump. Snow’s maps, a 19th-century version […]