Criminals are manipulating the stock market and regulators can't …

ShutterstockThe SEC has gone from tracking illicit traders from chat rooms to an international game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes the crooks keep one step ahead of regulators.See AlsoWatch Out For Twitter Stock Hoaxes, Which Are Getting Trickier By The DayHow To Effectively Regulate Mortgage LendingWhy Cash Incentives For Whistleblowers Are Actually UsefulOn May 14 a Bulgarian stock schemer is alleged to […]

Bull market post on reddit – Business Insider

Wolf of Wall Street trailer
Stock investors are always on the lookout for signs of irrational exuberance, or people getting too excited about the stock market.
And if you’re looking for a new thing to make you nervous, this post on Reddit might be it. Jesse Felder, author of the Felder Report and a Business Insider contributor, tweeted a link to a Reddit […]

The amount of trading going on in China's stock … – Business Insider

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The eye-popping volatility and explosive nature of China’s stock market lately has the world’s traders watching in awe.Business Insider’s David Scutt noted that China’s Shanghai Composite index crashed a breath-taking 11% in the past two days before recovering some of its losses.Still, the index is up 43% since the beginning of the year and up 134% from a year […]

Now anybody can use Robinhood, the no-fee trading app backed…

RobinhoodRobinhood is now available to the general public.
It’s sleek. It’s easy to use. It’s designed to give first time, small-scale investors a leg up on Wall Street hotshots.
And after months of waiting, it’s now open to anyone who wants to join.Robinhood, a zero-commission brokerage app for iPhone that launched in December to a 700,000-person waitlist, is now available to the […]

Stock Market And Investing Outlook – Business Insider

ArchivesThe unsettling market plunges of two weeks ago have stopped (at least for now), and stock prices have recovered a bit. So now everyone’s getting cautiously bullish again.
Everyone except me.I still think stocks are poised to have a decade or more of lousy returns.Why?Three simple reasons:Stocks are very expensive
Corporate profit margins are at record highs
The Fed is now tightening
I’ll go […]

Goldman Sachs: 6 Reasons the Stock Market isn't a Bubble

The recent dip in the stock market has people talking about a bubble and a potential big decline in the market again.   I discussed my general view on this last November, but I think Goldman puts things in the right perspective – while there might be pockets of excessive behavior, this is still nothing like the broadly excessive euphoria […]

Stock Market Crash – Business Insider

Library Of CongressStocks are tanking today.
This move mirrors other dives in recent weeks — a decline that has taken the tech-heavy NASDAQ down 7% from its highs and the S&P and Dow about 3% from their highs.Drops like that are no big deal. But some signs suggest that this pullback — or another one sometime soon — could get […]

Tesco Buys Into Ad Tech As Big Data Division Dunnhumby Nabs …

UK-based Tesco, the world’s second-largest retailer after Walmart, has made a killing in its sector by jumping early into the use of big data, collected via loyalty cards as well as through stores and online, to figure out what its customers wanted to buy. Today, Dunnhumby, the data science group that helped Tesco with that effort, which Tesco eventually acquired, is making an acquisition of […]

BlackRock Identifies The Beneficiaries Of The Dying Momentum Trade

Chris Hondros / Getty ImagesFA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors.Value Stocks May Be Coming Into Favor (BlackRock)The high-growth momentum stocks have recently taken a beating. Biotech stocks are down 15% from their February peak and the recent King Digital Entertainment IPO was a flop, with the stock […]

Andreesen On How To Kill Stock Market – Business Insider

Investor Marc Andreessen tweeted an eight-step plan on how to destroy the public stock market.According to Andreessen, increased regulation discourages companies from going public. He points out that the number of publicly traded companies already naturally decreases because of takeovers, mergers, and bankruptcies.We’ve included the Tweets below: Disclosure: Marc Andreessen is an investor in Business Insider.