Stock market 'breadth' – Business Insider

More and more people in the market are worried about “breadth.”Breadth is basically a measure of how many stocks are going up in the market against how many stocks are going down. And because of how the averages are computed, more stocks can be rising than falling, or vice versa, without seeing an exact replication of this phenomenon in the level of […]

Understanding Broad Trends Driving Stock Markets | The Big Picture

Good to be back in the saddle after of a week of traveling in Silicon Valley, Napa and San Francisco. And I thought New York real estate prices were crazy.Whenever I am away, I like to ease back into the groove by reviewing some broad market and economic metrics. It isn’t that a lot changes in the day-to-day or even […]

TraderFeed: Taking a Fresh Look at Stock Market Breadth

TraderFeed: Taking a Fresh Look at Stock Market Breadth

Taking a Fresh Look at Stock Market BreadthIn the last post taking a look at market breadth, in mid-February, I pointed to waning breadth but continued buying interest to suggest that we had made a momentum peak in stocks, that further price strength was likely, and that the recent rally was part […]

TraderFeed: Several Views of Stock Market Breadth

Recent market behavior in stocks has been confusing for traders, as we’ve had a good deal of volatility during 2015, with little ultimate directional movement. VIX has stubbornly stayed above 15 for much of this time, a notable change from most of 2014. Here are three views of breadth in the U.S. stock market that can help us make sense […]

Weekend Review New Years Post

After neglecting my writing for some time the New Year is as good as any to begin the practice gain. Upon reviewing 2014 I’ve decided to drop a few things from my tool box while replacing them with some fresher ideas that I’ve been working on. The first wrench that I plan to use more frequently is using sectors through […]

RealClearMarkets – A Boring Stock Market Can Be a Risky One

dippoThe most common complaint about the stock market in recent weeks is how dull it’s been. Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: Michael Santoli, Stock MarketRECOMMENDED ARTICLESJune 10, 2014Confident Stock Market: Is This a Good Thing?John Kimelman, Barron’sJune 10, 20145 Reasons Why Stock Market Is Shining BrightAdam Shell, USA TodayJune 10, 2014Stocks Versus Bonds: One Market Could Get PoundedPatti Domm, […]

May 6 Reversal Stock Trading Update | Investing Advisers

Today’s update reveals a reversal and breakdown market trending down against resistance.Let’s take a look at what’s happened, what levels are important now, and of course what message Sector Breadth is sending.The 1,875 index level was the key support or inflection level that held price up ahead of the mid-day breakdown.The initial gap down against resistance (1,885) set the stage […]

TraderFeed: Getting a Fresh Perspective on Stock Market Breadth

TraderFeed: Getting a Fresh Perspective on Stock Market Breadth

Getting a Fresh Perspective on Stock Market Breadth
This morning’s post looked at stock market breadth as a useful trading tool. While it can be helpful to examine the breadth of the entire market, it is also useful to examine breadth on a sector by sector basis. What we see above […]