Biotech Blowoff Beats Even Dot-Com Madness

Annual health tech fests like the JPMorgan Health Care Conference, Biotech Showcase, and One Med Forum came and went this year in San Francisco. The star performers in this sector no doubt have a lot to brag about. They will also have a lot of explaining to do when the biotech and health care sectors eventually crash.The NASDAQ Biotechnology Index […]

How a 'stock market for people' is funding a shot at the next billion …

SAN FRANCISCO–If you can’t beat them, try beating them another way.In 2004, Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith launched a startup called Tagged. They hoped to outdo another nascent project, known at the time as “thefacebook,” in the then-wide open world of social networks.We know how that turned out. Facebook became the world’s largest social network, with 1.39 billion monthly active […]

2014: The Worst Year – Position Sizing

By Joe Peta
At Novus we’ve examined the performance of many hundreds of hedge funds and we’ve found that, by far, the most important skill to possess is the ability to size positions effectively.  That’s because unlike Exposure Management, and to a lesser degree Security Selection, the ability to size positions efficiently is the most persistent and consistent alpha-generating skill that a […]

New ETFs Could Benefit From Favorable Biotech Seasonality

In recent years, there have been many bad times in which to be long biotechnology stocks and exchange traded funds, but with some marquee industry conferences imminent, the biotech industry is in the midst of one of its most potent seasonal periods.December is the second-best month of the year for the broader biotech sector after July, but due to the […]

Experts Take Stock of Insider Trading Ruling – Law Blog – WSJ

Jacob Gershman

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The court’s move to overturn convictions of Anthony Chiasson, left, and Todd Newman, right, comes as Michael Steinberg, center, plans to appeal his conviction on similar grounds.
From left: Bloomberg News; Associated Press; Bloomberg News
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara had enjoyed a nearly untarnished winning streak of insider-trading prosecutions since he took office in 2009, earning a reputation as Wall […]

Nhl i’m not worried about kes at all

Good day everyone and welcome to the Genesco Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2013 conference call. Just a reminder today’s call is being recorded. Participants on the call expect to make forward looking statements. Tuesday, sources confirmed. Was out of control, just swerving from one site to the next without any apparent idea of where he was going, said an anonymous […]

12 Big Data Facts for Marketers in 2014 – Direct Marketing News

August 29, 2014
12 Big Data Facts for Marketers in 2014
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The idea of Big Data is nothing new, but its potential to solve today’s problems and spark innovation is unprecedented.
The Library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the early world. From third century BC until the Roman conquest of Egypt […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis –

Bitcoin Technical AnalysisBy Forexminute – Yes Option | Bitcoin | Aug 4, 2014 8:34AM BSTAfter an early morning fall BTC/USD finally got some respite in today’s trading session as it recovered from Intraday low of $578.21. The cryptocurrency has strong support at $577.66 whereas resistance can be found at $605.86. BTC/USD is currently consolidating in a very narrow trading range […]

Pinterest has big data, and it knows how to share | VentureBeat | Big …

Pinterest is no National Security Agency, but the social network has grown into a collector of plenty information. Like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other web giants, Pinterest has developed sophisticated systems for storing the data, but it’s also built a tool that lets lots of employees get at it.In a blog today, Pinterest data engineer Mohammad Shahangian sheds light on […]

How to find — and hire — data scientists | VentureBeat | Big Data | by …

Data might just be the new driver of business success.Airbnb uses data to match lodging and travelers. Netflix uses data to personalize your entertainment. Amazon uses data to sell you more stuff. And Google uses data to drive better search, advertising, email, and social.But data doesn’t reveal its secrets easily — or cheaply. Hence the exploding role of data scientist, which […]