7 ways Big Data could revolutionize our lives by 2020 [Infographic …

We’ve heard how Big Data is transforming various industries, and how it can affect the fortunes of big businesses, but very few actually specify how Big Data is transforming the world and people’s lives.To illustrate this, has created an infographic that explores the “Top 7 Ways Big Data Could Revolutionize Our Lives by 2020″.  Though the infographic is pertaining […]

Stock Market News for November 26, 2013 – Zacks Investment …

Benchmarks ended on a mixed note yesterday after clinching new records over the past two trading days. Dismal housing sales data arrested whatever buoyancy was achieved from the Iran nuclear deal. At one point during the trading day, the Nasdaq had moved beyond 4K for the first time since 2000, but finally lost out on much of the day’s gains. […]

Stock Market News for November 21, 2013 – Zacks Investment …

Benchmarks eroded the day’s gains after Federal Reserve minutes suggested that tapering may begin in the in “coming months”. However, the timing of the action depends on what economic conditions suggest going forward. The day marked the S&P 500’s third-straight fall while the blue-chip index moved still further from its 16,000 mark. The healthcare sector was the only gainer among […]

Big Data for Health: Promises & Perils › From The Lab Bench – SciLogs

As described by Watched: A Wall Street Journal Privacy Report [1], big data is becoming ubiquitous, providing scientists, politicians and commercial entities alike data about us that we never thought they’d know. From the phones in our pockets to the trails we leave as we browse the web, our data provides information about our locations, our habits, our friends, our hobbies, […]

Will the Internet Destroy the Stock Market? – Harvard Business Review

Last week, the NASDAQ exchange froze for three hours due to a faulty connection. On Monday, Europe’s largest derivatives market shut down for an hour because of a glitch. Last month, 14,000 people in rural Iowa lost internet access after a minor car crash crushed a cable. In 2011, the entire country of Egypt had a total internet blackout after […]