Five things to remember about small-cap stocks

Small-cap stocks have really taken it on the chin these past few months and the past week has certainly been horrible with big declines across the board.Based on the questions our company receives from investors, though, it seems people need to be reminded about the dangers and unique features of small caps. Or maybe things have just been too good […]

Big Data and Social: The Key to Sentiment Analysis?

In today’s world where social media plays such a central role for so many people, it’s only natural that companies would want to get in on the action. With big data in the cloud and analytics tools such as Hadoop Hive, it’s easier for companies to use social media to their immediate advantage.There are many different reasons for wanting to […]

How to Use Sentiment Analysis to Improve Your Business?

Sentiment analysis has been lately a hot topic of debate among the social media professionals. The accuracy, the methodology of implementing and it’s practical usage, all have been discussed with different perceptions. Let’s take a quick look at why and how sentiment analysis can help your businesses grow.Why Sentiment Analysis?When there are hundreds of mentions around your brand, sentiment analysis […]

5 Ways to Be a Social Media Supersleuth – Raven Tools

Social media monitoring gets a bad rep.On one end of the spectrum, it’s the rote, boring thing you have to do to keep up with your brand’s mentions. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s… well, super-creepy stalking.I prefer to think of social monitoring as sleuthing – using all the resources available to you to get the fullest picture […]