Two Ominous Stock Market Charts | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via,A Big Dow Theory DivergenceWe briefly want to show a few charts that have caught our eye recently. This is by no means a comprehensive market update (we plan to provide one soon). Here is something though one doesn’t see all too often: the Dow Industrials and Transportation averages have diverged from each other for […]

Stock Market Still Vulnerable to Big Downside | Brad Gudgeon …

Stock Market Still Vulnerable to Big DownsideBy: Brad Gudgeon | Sun, May 10, 2015SharePrintEmailLast time I wrote, I was expecting a move to about 2064/65 or about a 2% drop into the 12.5 week cycle low. We got a 2.45% drop into May 6th, TD 13 of the 12.5 wk low. Our money flow indicators suggested more upside as they […]

Great Basin Scientific – GBSN – Preliminary Pump and Dump Red Flags

On March 30, 2014 GeoInvesting stated that it was taking a closer look at Great Basin Scientific (GBSN) as just 3 months after the company went public on October 9, 2014, we received a promotional pump, e-mail newsletter. The day of its IPO, GBSN reached an intraday trading high of $9.08 before closing at $5.97.  Since its IPO and until recently, GBSN […]

How To Be A More Effective Trader Using Economic Calenders — Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, New YorkSaturday, March 28, 2015
No matter what profession you do, odds are that you make use of devices to make you more efficient. In the binary options trading realm, there are a variety of devices that can be used to help increase earnings capacity will certainly reducing the threat of loss. Among my preferred devices to utilize when trading […]

Biotech Stocks: What's Hot, What's Not – As Seen By Market-Makers …

SummaryHot = near-term stock price gain potential, not just product developments, lab breakthroughs, corporate acquisitions, financing deals, trial progresses etc.
Only opinions; not even “just the facts, m’aam”. But opinions expressed by folks who need to know, willing to put their money at risk, based on what they know.
Maybe even better, ones who are willing to pay up for price-change risk […]

Update: New York Stock Exchange moves to delist Radio Shack …

File 2008/Getty Images(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)Update at 5:03 p.m.: Trading is halted in RadioShack stock and the New York Stock Exchange has started the process to delist its shares. Shares ended trading at 24 cents on the NYSE. The company’s stock will continue to trade in the over-the-counter market.Related
RadioShack is expected to announce store closings
RadioShack’s small town strategy ruled
Schnurman: […]

Stock Market Bubbles Don't Just Burst Suddenly – Business Insider

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When most people think back on the tech bubble and credit bubble, they probably remember the stock market going straight up, hitting an inflection point, and then plunging relentlessly.That’s hindsight, which doesn’t really capture the details.In reality, the stock price moves weren’t that simple and straightforward.When stock market bubbles come to a head, they make wild swings both up […]

The Stock Market Is Just Noticing What The Bond Market Has …

…that growth is slowing, the credit cycle could have already peaked and risk appetites are waning.Over the summer I attended a conference which featured Steen Jakobsen as one of the speakers. The one thing he said that really stuck with me is that long-term bond yields lead the economy by about 9 months. If that is true, economists are going to […]

5 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Big Data – Blog – CQL

Big data has become the big thing recently and seems to be all anyone is talking about (besides it being the year of mobile, of course). By “big data,” we mean a concentrated effort to gather intelligence about your business so you can accomplish a deeper analysis.The fanfare isn’t unwarranted, though. Big data allows you to get a better understanding […]

TraderFeed: When is the Stock Market Overbought and Oversold?

Abnormal Returns posted a few particularly good links yesterday; check out the study of how returns early in the market day predict those later in the day. I’ll have more to say about that topic later this weekend, as it dovetails nicely with recent observations regarding who is participating in markets. Also worth a read is Adam Grimes’ post regarding […]