The truth about future stock returns? You can't handle … – MarketWatch

Legendary investor Howard Marks likes to quote Albert Einstein: “I never think about the future — it comes soon enough.”But as Marks writes in his recent memo to clients of Oaktree Capital Management: “We can’t take that approach as investors, however. We have to think about the future. We just shouldn’t accord too much significance to our opinions.”Yet the pressure […]

The Last Two Times This Happened, Stocks Crashed | Zero Hedge

Are stocks disconnected from reality? Probably, according to Tobin’s Q, a rather elegant way to assess equity valuations developed by the late Nobel Prize-winning Yale economist James Tobin. Put simply, Tobin’s Q compares the total value of stock prices with the value of underlying assets such as plants, inventory, and equipment (i.e. replacement costs). Add up the value of the […]

Don't Fret About Tobin's Q Crossing Wall Street

Don’t Fret About Tobin’s QBloomberg has a piece this morning on another valuation indictor, this time it’s Tobin’s Q, showing that the stock market is dramatically overvalued.
If you sold every share of every company in the U.S. and used the money to buy up all the factories, machines and inventory, you’d have some cash left over. That, in a nutshell, […]

Stock Market: Be Careful Now | Zero Hedge

2014 is no party for stock market investors. January was a smack in the face, especially newcomers, as the markets decided to go for a 5 percent nosedive. But they again recovered in February and some indices put up new all-time highs; others are on the fence and you can feel that doubt is creeping in as investors are starting […]

March 20 Webinar: How to Scale MySQL for Big Data Applications …

March 20 Webinar: How to Scale MySQL for Big Data ApplicationsPosted onMarch 13, 2014byAmanda JordanYou may think that you have to buy, install, and get up to speed on a new database if you want to work with large amounts of data, but you can do more than you think with the MySQL you already have.Register Now!SPEAKER: Jon Tobin, TokutekDATE: […]